This Is What Certain Boston Sports Radio Show Hosts Don’t Get In Regards To The Tom Brady Hanging Up Situation

On what planet do these out of touch radio show hosts think that the greatest quarterback of all time should call in to their shows after they mock him mercilessly all week long?  What is this bananaland?

Tom Brady Hung Up On sports radio host after expressing his displeasure with his daughter being called a “pissant”.

Listening to Mike Felger defend the comment by saying they get paid to push the envelope says it all.

Radio hosts like Felger and Mazz and Alex Reimer can speak disrespectfully about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Tom Brady doesn’t have to give them the time of day.

Do you think Tom Brady needs the money that badly that he should have to call in and talk to these douchebags that conjure up conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory like Tom forced Jimmy Garopolo out and that Brady, Belichick and Kraft all hate each other? I’m guessing Tom has plenty of dough.

So if these guys want to antagonize and drive wedges and fabricate conspiracy theories and repeat them over and over until they convince themselves that they bullshit they are selling is fact then screw them.

I hope Brady never speaks to them again. I hope he speaks to their competitors.

Felger- Defending Alex Reimer-

I hope Brady and the Patriots win the Superbowl and he retires the next day.

I hope Belichick gets back to an AFC Championship game without Brady within four years and makes the playoffs next year without him.

It’s the Douchebag Boston Sports Radio Hosts Perogative To Fabricate And Drum Up Controversy. But Then To Act Incredulous When Boston Athletes, Coaches Or Owners Tell Them They’re Not Interested In Speaking With Them Shows Just How Out Of Touch And Pompous Certain Boston Sports Media Have Become.

3 thoughts on “This Is What Certain Boston Sports Radio Show Hosts Don’t Get In Regards To The Tom Brady Hanging Up Situation

  1. I agree with you 100%. Now sports media is just as bad as the regular media. I was astounded when I read the account. What Brady said back was perfect. I would have just hung up on the idiot. And I agree, I hope he does retire and continue to do well. He is such a role model and is able to give a lot back to young athletes. Sandy,

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  2. I agree as well. I thought Brady’s comments were spot on and I think it’s time we start to show each other some good old fashioned respect and courtesy. Brady has been a fine example of both his whole career. I hope he does walk away from his connection with WEEI and never does another interview with them again. Kelly


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