David Brooks and Co Just Cuckholded Every Other Lobster Trap Tree Community In The Nation

Another Year and Another Unanimous Decision For The Gloucester MA Lobster Trap Tree As The Without A Doubt Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of The World.

2015-12-12 16.55.11

While towns up in Maine are still going back to the same old tired plans trying to make their trees the tallest (by making them horribly disfigured Christmas Spikes Instead of Christmas Trees)  David Brooks and the Gloucester MA community once again made them all pale by comparison.  David Brooks and Gloucester MA is playing chess while Rockland Maine is playing checkers.  But after all these years and crushing their spirits with their horribly disfigured Christmas spikes and them using terrible Chinese sweat shop labor Christmas bows on their trees while Gloucester MA adorns their Lobster trap tree with hand painted buoys made by the angelic youth of  Gloucester.  But this year after the over the top outpouring of support, David Brooks decided to go 3 dimensional on their ass.

You don’t just experience the Gloucester Ma lobster trap tree from the outside, we built this shit so dope that you can actually enter inside the tree and the entire inside is adorned with the beautiful hand painted buoys as well.   They turned the Lobster trap tree game on it’s head.

Hilarious that they thought they could compete.  I feel bad for these other communities, I really do.  Just when they think they have a chance, along comes Brooks and Co just crushing their Christmas dreams.


Kim Smith photo.

In all seriousness, it’s nice that the other communities try  to compete and we wish them nothing but the best during this Christmas season.


Gloucester MA Lobster Trap Tree> All Other Lobster Trap Trees

Word on the street is that the makers of the other community lobster trap trees were all infiltrated by moles from the creators of the Land of the Misfit Toys.  True Story.




6 thoughts on “David Brooks and Co Just Cuckholded Every Other Lobster Trap Tree Community In The Nation

  1. from Janice Lufkin-Shea who was the founder of the Lobster Trap Tree in Gloucester,
    “Thank you Thank you, The tree is simply beautiful. Who would guess that traps and buoys could be
    so beautiful? And yet, the backbone of an industry”.


  2. Thanks to social media, this fabulous tree and the great writing about it is on my radar. So proud of the proud people of Gloucester, MA.


  3. It is FANTASTIC. If I were there I might set up camp inside the tree. Bravo to the architects and builders! Kim, if you don’t mind I would like to use one of the photos as my FB cover. Glosta’s lobster trap tree has been my favorite the last few years and this year is even better.


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