Community Stuff 12/9/15


North Shore’s Green Clean celebrates 10 years of Eco Lovin’ Home Scrubbin’

North Shore, Ma- Award winning environmentally conscious housecleaning company celebrates 10 years of service in January 2016. Green Clean, founded in Salem by then 22 year old Midge Lyon, has been well-revered in the community as a reliable and trustworthy company that is passionate about delivering excellence with an environment-friendly drive. They use all natural cleaning products, reusable cleaning tools and are very aware of use and waste within their operation. For the first several years, Green Clean’s service was a Salem, Ma exclusive and operated car-free. Midge and her staff geared up year-round on bicycles pulling a bike buggy crafted by one client and hand painted by another to fit a vacuum and supplies. 

Now using cars to serve more clients more reliably, their commitment to the environment remains a top priority. Currently their service is limited to area’s of Boston’s North Shore.

Over the years Green Clean has provided green jobs within the community. A socially conscious company, Green Clean pays their star employees above the local average in an effort to provide rewarding, meaningful and sustainable work.

Now in its 10th year and having earned six Best of North Shore awards, Green Clean is ready to grow. They’ve been meeting with prospects and discussing the possibility of taking on a business partner and expanding service. They hope to open a couple of new locations and hire from within the communities that they serve in order to reduce driving and create green jobs in the community. 

Open invite to the public to help us celebrate:

Friday, January 8, 2016 6-8pm

Life Alive Salem

The cafe serves wonderful organic food as well as beer and wine.

We will be raffling off some prizes, including some free house cleaning gift certificates.

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