Who is this handsome man? When the days go by

Cat Ryan submits-

Hi Joey,

Charles and George received some fun photos and stories about the Gloucester High School cadets program. Here’s a challenge. Local prize for first correct responses.

Who is this cadet with Brando brows and cleaned up coif? Does anyone have any information about the GHS graduation photographer and year?

cadet mystery man

When was the uniform in the color photo worn at Gloucester High School? 

Good Morning Gloucester and the Gloucester Daily Times spread the word about the Gloucester High School Civil War coat that needs restoration. Charles and George set up a youcaring site for anyone who wants to donate on line. Due to their age (6th grade) they themselves don’t have Facebook, but others have been sharing for them! They want to get back to it in January, “because no one wants to do raise money in December.” Money collected will go directly to the Gloucester fund and then on to a textile conservator through the Committee for the Arts.

cadet uniformScreenshot_111815_094024_AM-001

19 thoughts on “Who is this handsome man? When the days go by

  1. The white with red uniform was worn by the Girls Drill Team. I remember it from the time I was at GHS 1966-1970. If you check out some Flicker pics (the drill team was always pictured in the club section) at that time (or before and after) you may even figure out who owned it since I believe there weren’t too many that held the rank of staff sergeant

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    1. Thanks for playing along on the color photo and comment, Rick. Good job on the rank. I’ll make sure to share your compliment. You weren’t far off on the year either- GHS graduate 1974.


    2. David Cox’s sister, Theo, was a Girls Drill Team staff seargent, too. She was drafted during WWII because they thought she was a boy.


  2. The B&W pic could be from any time in the late 50’s to 1969 when ROTC became elective. Prior to 1969 (anyone remember “over the hill”?) it was compulsory for all boys; sophomore – seniors. The uniform is an officer’s. The belt would have held a sword. It looks like it a lieutenant’s insignia therefore he would have been 2nd in command of a company. At that time all the companies were photographed for the Flicker. The HS keeps a complete set of Flickers dating back to the mid 1940’s when the school opened. Or at least they did. They were kept in the main office vault.

    BTW – GHS was a WPA Project built in a land fill

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    1. Rick, you got it right. David Cox was a ‘just a lowly 2nd lieutenant’ at the time of the photo and made it to 1st lieutenant. Arnie was first in command Company D.




  4. Thanks Kim, Marty, Rick, and Joe. YOu’re all winners! There ROTC shared stories are really fun.

    Let me know GMG shirt– or original work from the artists at the Hive Directory.


      1. Thank you, Rick, very nice. In the spirit of the post, will split (the wee amount) 1/2 to restoration of the coat and 1/2 to Sawyer Free in honor of GHS cadets.


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