Stok Drum Charcoal Grill Feature Review and Cooking Results From Joey C

$129. on Amazon. Purchase here

Features Preview Video-

Many of the features on this grill can be found on the Weber Premium Kettle Grill ($149.) But there were several things that were important to me such as cast iron grates that weren’t available and would cost about $50 alone as an upgrade to the Weber.  The Stok also has interchangeable inserts and sells options that you can place in that center spot such as a wok, a veggie tray, a roaster insert and more.  I probably won’t use those but the part I do like is that when the center round grate is removed there is a charcoal basket that can stay in place after the charcoal is lit to concentrate the heat in the center.   You can also lift the charcoal basket out with the insert removal tool if you would like even distribution of the coals in the bottom of the grill instead of concentrating the coals in the center and cooking the food along the edges using indirect heat.

I ordered a rapidfire chimney to start the coals not realizing that the charcoal basket in the center is built as a removable chimney starter.  The chimney will be returned because there’s no need for it so there’s another $15 in savings over the Weber. Starting the charcoal was as easy as placing a couple pieces of newspaper in the bottom of the charcoal basket, placing the charcoal on top and lighting the paper.  It ignited and caught first try without any need for lighter fluid or charcoal soaked in lighter fluid. There is also a removable ash canister which slides into a channel under the grill and collects the spent charcoal so it won’t allow it to blow all over the deck or patio.

Heavy Duty Industrial Temperature Gage


Heat Control Vent


Insert Removal Tool




Insert Removal Tool Latched On To Removable Center Grate


Center Charcoal Basket Which Can Also Be Removed With Insert Removal Tool


Up Close: The Insert Removal Tool Approaching The Removable Center Grate


Removable Ash Container Can Be Removed With Insert Removal Tool For Easy Clean Disposal Of Spent Charcoal


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