How Bout the Pair Of Balls On this Hazey Daizey Chick?

What kind of psychopath holds a bat in their hands?

I ever get a bat in my house, here’s what I’d do…

I’d go to the hardware store and buy a couple sheets of industrial strength plywood and cordon off the room in which the bat was last seen never to set foot in that room again.  Just totally write off the use of that room forever and ever and a day.


Holding a bat in her hand.  That’s just plum crazy.

Dracula, ever seen the movie?

5 thoughts on “How Bout the Pair Of Balls On this Hazey Daizey Chick?

  1. Haha! I actually had to do that when I was teaching at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX (where the insane flooding is happening lately). I found a little bat cowering of a corner in a crowded hallway. I couldn’t find anything to pick it up with, so I carefully picked it up with my hands and set him outside under a bush. He quickly took flight. But yeah, I’ll admit I was a little nervous (I watched a ton of horror films as a kid). If you’re ever in Austin,you should check out the Congress Street Bridge downtown–home to a GIANT colony of bats. Millions of them come flying out from under the bridge every evening at dusk. One of the craziest things you’d ever see. So I guess it’s probably the last place you’d want to visit.


  2. Thought I’d take the opportunity to add a useful message here, about how bats are responsible for a large percentage of fruit and flower pollination around the world — many people do not know this. Also, since they are insectivores, they really help with the mosquito population. By the way, we don’t have vampire bats, which live south of the border.


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