Spectacular Rubber Duck Race in Rockport Today!!

I have attended the Indianapolis 500 race in Indianapolis and it does not hold a candle to the thrills and excitement of the Rubber Duck Race put on by the friends of the Council on Aging in Rockport! A few quick shots just after the race was completed follow.

Rubber Duck and Homie mistakenly thought the race ended here after washing out to sea. They eventually figured it out and were able to get grandstand seats close to the pits with Blue Duck.
The dedicated Rubber Duck Race Officials who make sure everything including psi of all ducks are within specs.
Blue Duck has a winning ticket in here, she can feel it.
Here comes the official pace car and OMG she starts spinning out!
The Pace Car Rubber Duck blows a tire and flips as she goes by the pits!
Here comes the pack! Little pinky is edging out baby yellow!
Very few keep their head above water as the surge to gain an edge. The smell of burning rubber, the deafening quacks!
Pile up in the third turn but there is no yellow light, no caution flag in this duck eat duck race. Race results will follow. Blue Duck was seen ripping her tickets in two. There’s always next year Blue Duck! Next time I think we need to shave and wax our ducks.

One thought on “Spectacular Rubber Duck Race in Rockport Today!!

  1. I believe it was the most successful duck race yet! The Friends of the COA and the COA thanks everyone for their support! Watch for next years race….

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