“Some Have Meat, and Cannot Eat…”

Today I drank 4 oz each of vanilla protein coconut milk shake and raw coconut water. Nibbled on a nutrition bar and just about choked up the caribou bladder. I have gotten a new appreciation for Common Crow http://www.commoncrow.com natural supermarket. ANYTHING I can swallow is precious to me. Seeing my doctor tomorrow and will ask for a throat numbing remedy. Hope I don’t dream about food. Last night’s CSI: Cyber was a bust because I fell asleep after a few minutes 😦

2 thoughts on ““Some Have Meat, and Cannot Eat…”

  1. This is hard to read Fred…Wish I could offer some better advice here! Know that you have many who have been touched by you wisdom and sharing on hard path. God Bless you! Dave & Kim

    Remember the common crow is a very smart bird – Mom had some that would get the hard Purina dog food too big to swallow and would take it from dogs bowl to there bowl of water drop it in the water and wait until it softened up into smaller pieces and swallow. I got to see this first hand sitting with mom looking out the window while on leave Military days from South Korea 1986 then.


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