A Timeless Photo Triggers A Treasured Memory



Fried Smelt

The above photo was included in a Sista Dish post yesterday. Shortly after it posted, I received a message from Facebook friend, Mary Ann Albert Boucher,  that touched my heart and made my day!


Mary Ann Writes~ “OMG…never thought a photo of fried smelt would bring a tear to my eye, but smelt ice fishing was one of my father’s favorite hobbies and would go several times during the winter to Brunswick, ME with the guys and bring home hundreds and hundreds of them… he’d bag them up by the dozen or two or three and deliver them all over the city to friends……………as kids we would often go to the Cape Ann Marina or to a small bridge off of Essex Avenue and fish with him…Memories”

 Mary Ann, Thank you so much for sharing your memory triggered by the Fried Smelt photo posted yesterday. Your comment not only touched my heart and made my day, it once again reinforced why I’m so passionate about connecting younger generations to our past through celebrations of food, family and friendship. Each time I receive a comment like yours, it fuels my determination to find a way to share the remainder of my cookbook series with the world, and expand the ability to share step-by-step recipes, and childhood memories involving food on a larger scale. 

 Mary Ann Comments posted on FB regarding today’s Post~AWWWWW…thank you for the kind words Felicia…..isn’t it funny how a simple photo CAN bring the most awesome memories rushing back. You are a blessing to not only your family, but the entire community…God Bless! 🙂

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