Glorious Spring!

Cherry Blossom Cascade Kim SmithCherry Blossom Plum Stree East Gloucester Kim SmithPlum Street East Gloucester

Note to gardeners: Are you having problems with winter moths? Trees in the Rose Family (Rosaceae), cherry trees, plum trees, peach trees, and apple trees, for example, are especially devastated by the larval stage of these voracious eaters. There is no perfect solution. The worst thing to do is to spray your trees with chemical pesticides and herbicides because that will kill the good insects (bees, butterflies, and other beneficials) and not fully destroy the bad.

After blooming, spray horticultural oil on the branches, foliage, and trunk. This won’t totally wipe out the winter moths (nothing does), but it will act as a deterrent. Apply the horticultural oil about once every month or two, through January, as the adult moths deposit their eggs in the chinks of bark during the winter months.

My Hood After Storm East Gloucester #blizzard2015

Smith's Cove East Gloucester Winter Blizzard 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015 A few more snapshots from after the storm, Smith’s Cove and Plum Street, East Gloucester #blizzard2015.

Plum Street East Gloucester Blizzard 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015 Smith's Cove East Gloucester Blizzard 2015 ©kim Smith 2015 The red crane has been parked in this location at Smith’s Cove for several weeks. I don’t recall seeing it there in previous years. Does anyone know the story behind the crane?

Murray DPW Blizzard 2015 Gloucester ©Kim Dmith 2015The DPW tackling the side roads. Thanks Murray!

Plum Street’s Spooky Businessman

Meadow Anderson Chris Abnderson photoBrave Meadow Anderson with Spooky Businessman

Every Halloween, about an hour before sunset, Spooky Businessman appears on our front porch, just in time to welcome the night’s trick-or-treaters. This year, several trick-or-treaters were BRAVE ENOUGH to sit on his lap! He leaves shortly after all have gotten their treats, only to appear again on the following All Hallows’ Eve.

The following morning as the children in the neighborhood are walking to school, I oftentimes see them staring intently at our home, or some furtively looking over their shoulder, I think half-expecting to see see Spooky Businessman.

See you again next year Plum Street Trick-or-Treaters (and Spooky Businessman)!

Chris Anderson photo.