Snowpocalypse Hits Rockport

Who remembers when Hollywood turned Rockport into Sitka, Alaska?  Well, this morning kind of reminds me of that.

The salt water encrusted homes on the waterfront look down right creepy and others look as if they have covered in white creamy frosting (Thatcher’s words, not mine).

Some one asked that I post new photos of the houses I photographed yesterday afternoon.  Today they look like ice castles!

Someone had asked about the “house on stilts” and how it handled the storm. Fortunately it appears fine….and it is no longer simply on stilts.

It is gorgeous this morning.  But….I’m ok going quite a while until this all happens again!




5 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse Hits Rockport

  1. Great pictures! I always enjoy your postings. In 2010 we got two blizzards like that about three days apart for a total of about seven feet – we call it “Snowmageden” as that is not the norm here in Northern Virginia. Thanks for taking the brunt of this storm and glad you are all doing alright!

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