GloucesterCast 12/26/14 With Toby Pett, Kim Smith, Nichole Schrafft and Host Joey Ciaramitaro #GloucesterMA


GloucesterCast 12/26/14 With Toby Pett, Kim Smith, Nichole Schrafft and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: Taping with The Blue Yeti, Guests Toby Pett, Kim Smith, Nichole Schrafft, Host Joey Ciaramitaro, Hockey Moms, D Small and His Kwanza Bowtie, Food Coma At Sista Felicias, Middle Street Is A Cool Place To Live, Christmas Rundown, Shout Out To Joe Marcantonio For Holiday Seafood, 7lb Banza In Three Days, Turkey For Christmas?,  Canada Goose Arctic Program Jackets, Relative Bargains, Restoration Hardware Robe, Ray Borque Wears His Canada Goose Jacket, Grit Pod Hockey Bag, Marmot Outerwear, Kim’s Camera, Rocky Neck Plunge Oakes Cove Beach, Bertha’s, Open Door Food Pantry, Joey’s Problem With Ugly Sweater Contests, The Phrase “Jump The Shark”, Giblees, Coogi Sweaters, North Shore Shopping Center and Liberty Tree Mall For The Holidays In The Old Days, Nichole Schrafft Holiday Vacation To-Do Picks, Joey Is A Grumpy Hungry Bear, Talbot Rink, Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, North Shore Kid, Check Out The Clam Post- Texting An Elf, Do You Think The Clamistas Use Online Collaborative Tools?, Joey’s Zero Success Rate In  Getting GMG Contributors To Use Online Collaborative Tools, Global Shark Tracker, Ukulele Christmas Sin-A-Long, Foreign Affairs Is Closed Til Some Time In February, Dinner Dealer Deck, Duckworth Bistrot Closed For January, New Year’s Plans, Rockport Rockin New Year’s Eve, Don’t Forget To Subscribe To The Podcast Here For A Chance To With the Cape Pond Ice Mug Generously Donated By Donna Ardizzoni

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Check out The GDT for the worst kept secret around

We’re doing a podcast with her on Sunday.  I’ll just simply state for now that I think she was the best Mayor we ever had and the only person with the balls to stand up to the nimbys was in fact a woman.

She was unwavering in her support for many projects that will and have vastly improved our City.  I didn’t agree with everything she did but I did agree with a whole lot.  I just hope we don’t end up with a Mayor that treats businesses large or small as if they are evil and encourages responsible growth rather than trying to extort and discourage potential future investment.

Iguazu Falls

imageOn the Argentine – Brazilion border, this is one of over 200 magnificent waterfalls cooperatively protected by the two nations. The falls are surrounded by thick rainforest, with both temperatures and humidity often in the nineties . It is a fascinating place, but not the most comfortable I have ever hiked in.

Cookie Competition Winners and Last Chance Closing Party

cookie competition winners copy
Of course, this all takes place at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center, 6 Wonson Street on lovely Rocky Neck. Free, Open to all, and plenty of nearby parking.

E.J. Lefavour

The Coolest Thing You’ll See on The Web Today- Global Shark tracker


@AndreaWBZ shared this tweet from @OCEARCH today-


Shark Katherine (data below) set off a ping this morning just off Nantucket this morning at 4:42AM. You can see the path of Shark Katherine’s travels up and down the Atlantic Coast and In the Gulf of Mexico from the pings she sends out every time she breaks the surface of the ocean.  not only do they have real time data on the latest shark pings, they have videos from when the individual sharks are tagged.  The whole thing is about as cool a use of the internet as I’ve seen.  Check it out here

Species: White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias)

Gender: Female

Stage of Life: Immature

Length: 14 ft. 2 in.

Weight: 2,300 lb.

Tag Date: Aug 20, 2013

Nutty Redhead looking For Some help

Kind greetings Joey,

Thank you for pledging to my last Kickstarter project in October for Whole Foods Market. I didn’t reach the goal so I got nothing, that’s the rules. No credit cards were ever charged.

As you know, I have launched the project one more time. I’m already 85% funded and only have 7 days left. If you could kindly re-pledge, as the others already did, I will hit my goal. Pledging last time does not carry over to this one, as some had thought. You must pledge again. In the spirit of holiday giving, I humbly ask you to give once more. You will get 10% off all future orders along with your reward gifts listed, and you will take pride in knowing that you helped a friend in need. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Sincerely, Lisa


Little Lost Dog Bengi at Brace Cove Update

Update: GMG reader Lisa provides the following link: Please contact the owner if you see Bengi.


To the owner of the little white lost dog Bengi, as of 2:35 today, Thursday, he is at Brace Cove. A bunch of us tried to catch him, but he does not want to be caught. He’s going up and down the beach and tearing through the deeply thicketed path. He does not have a tag. Please let us know when Bengi finds his way home. Thank you so much.

Lisa writes: 

I too saw little Bengi on Niles beach on Christmas. We had no luck catching him. Above is the link to him but no contact to the owner. Does anyone know were he belongs in Gloucester? It says this little fella has been missing since Dec 19. The police said he was reported running around Rocky Neck on Christmas Eve. If anyone knows his owner please tell them to search East Gloucester!! Last I know the little fella was seen on Grapevine.

Rant and Poll- Let me Set The Record Straight On Ugly Sweater Contests

Toby sent me this picture of someone who won the ugly sweater contest wherever he was at yesterday-


Well it seems like the whole ugly sweater contest has officially jumped the shark.  You wanna know the precise moment when the formerly cool ugly sweater contest fad jumped the shark?  Well let me tell you- It’s when cottage industries all over the place started producing “Official Ugly Sweaters” for mass marketing in department stores.

The whole point of Ugly sweater contests was to find one from way back in your closet or your dad’s closet, or a thrift shop.  Anyone that goes out and buys an ugly sweater new off the rack that was actually designed as being an “Ugly Sweater” does not deserve a win.

In my opinion the all time ugliest sweaters were those Coogi sweaters worn by sportscasters in the 90s-


Second point  of reference determining that The Whole Ugly Sweater Contest Has Lost It’s Cool Factor?

Every single sports franchise coming out with their ugly sweater jersey-



I’m not saying there should never be another Ugly Sweater Contest.  What I Am Saying Is That Anyone That Buys An Officially Designed And Marketed AS AN UGLY SWEATER from the Get-Go Sweater, They should Not Be allowed to win the contest.  Has to be vintage or get out of here with that new off the rack designed-as-an-ugly-sweater Ugly Sweater.

So Toby find that woman who took home whatever the prize was for winner of the Ugly sweater contest at your party and strip her of that title.  She doesn’t deserve it.  Only way she brings home the title in that contest is if no one else shows up in an ugly sweater at all.

Poll Time-