Electricity and Home Heating and Comfort Update 11: Cape Ann Chimney and Hearth Part III

First a testimonial from GMG FOB Susanne who had her Next Step Energy Audit today.  Here’s what she had to say-

Susanne just got done with her energy assessment and here’s how it went for her (so far every single person that I’ve spoken to has been thrilled)-


December 15, 2014 2:47 pm (Edit)

Scot from Next Steps was at my house today for a few hours checking things out. I am happy to report my house is 99% energy efficient re heating. He left lots of presents (light bulbs and shower heads) and lots of good advice all for free. Thanks for the tip, Joey C. and keep up your great work. Happy holidays!

Also Sam Novello had his done today-

Good deal Joe, Thanks, I’ll be putting more insulation in my attic.


Here’s Part III of our Sub series on alternative energy options from Cape Ann Chimney and Hearth-

If you want to take advantage of awesome programs available to you right now for zero out of pocket then watch the video and sign up for your own energy efficiency assessment and get a ton of free lightbulbs, power strips, electronic thermostats that will turn down the heat at night or while you’re at work automatically, and efficient showerheads.



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First In The Universe Official Lighting Of a Lobster Pot Menorah Tomorrow Night (Tuesday) At Temple Ahavat Achim #GloucesterMA


James Dowd Submits-

Come one and all at 5:30pm to Temple Ahavat Achim at 86 Middle street for the first-time-in-the-universe official lighting of the Lobster Pot Menorah! 

Knowing that this time of year is typically owned by the dude in the red suit, Gloucester’s Jews decided to take inspiration from the Trap Tree down on Main and build our own crustacean-inspired holiday decoration (no, we’re not supposed to eat ’em, but Leviticus doesn’t say nothin’ about making a hanukkia out of their traps. Go ahead and read it, we have).

All are welcome to come check out this monster, made by Temple members from traps on loan by awesome local lobstermen Don Riley and Mark Ring. We’ll hear a few words, sing a couple of songs, have a quick blessing and then head inside for latkes and schmoozing. 

Don’t miss this historic event you’ll sure to be telling the grandkids about when all the Temples are doing it years from now.

Pictured: Temple Education Director Phoebe Potts capers in front of the Lobster Pot Menorah. They don’t call her “Potts” for nothing. 

It’s A Hanukka Miracle!



Outstanding Cape Ann Environmental News: Niles Pond and Brace Cove Causeway Restoration Underway!

Niles Pond Brace Cove casueway restoration excavator ©Kim Smith 2014.The berm, or causeway, separating Brace Cove and Niles Pond is undergoing extensive maintenance.

As has been reported here on GMG many times, the berm was severely damaged by a succession of storms, very notably after Superstorm Sandy. The causeway is also increasingly at risk because the Brace Cove breakwater has deteriorated, which means that the berm is harder hit during extreme weather.

Niles Pond Brace Cove casueway restoration excavator -2 ©Kim Smith 2014.

Over time, the rocks that were used to build the causeway have gradually been swept into the pond. The excavator is permitted to scoop up the rocks from the Niles Pond side to rebuild the height of the causeway. No rocks from the Brace Cove side were used to restore the causeway.

Niles Pond Brace Cove casueway restoration excavator -3 ©Kim Smith 2014.

The restoration of the berm is ecological progress at its best. By fortifying the causeway, the uniquely beautiful environment, where freshwater Niles Pond meets salty Brace Cove, will continue to remain a sanctuary for Cape Ann wildlife.

Niles Pond Brace Cove casueway restoration -2 ©Kim Smith 2014.

Niles Pond Brace Cove casueway restoration ©Kim Smith 2014The narrowest strip of land separating a body of fresh water from the sea. 

Niles Pond at Risk

Niles Pond or Brace Cove

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave

Brace Cove Seals Sleeping at Daybreak

Switching from West Gloucester to Babson Water Treatment Plants Friday 12/19/14

Melissa Cox forwards-

Friday evening December 19, 2014, water treatment plant operations will be transferred from West Gloucester to Babson as a part of routine operations.  This will result in a change in the direction of flow in some water mains and may cause temporary discoloration of the water as iron particles in the pipe are stirred up.

If you should experience “rusty” water, running a cold water tap for a few minutes should clear your line.  We also recommend that you avoid the use of chlorine bleach during this time period to prevent staining of laundry.

If you experience persistent water quality problems, please contact the Office of Water Compliance at 978-281-9792 or DPW at 978-281-9785, so that selective flushing can be targeted to problem areas.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Season’s Best Cookie Competition

cookie competition 2014

Contact Kristie Bernard k_ber@hotmail.com to enter.
This weekend, join in the second annual ‘Season’s Best Cookie’ competition! Enter your own fanciful cookie creations and cherished family recipes. This will be a FUN contest with first, second and third prize ribbons, and chef related PRIZES too!

To enter (no entry fee) contact k_ber@hotmail.com. Entries will be limited to the first twelve unique cookie entry submissions received (no chocolate chip). Please be prepared to bake at least two dozen.

Be bold. Be creative. Most importantly, have fun!

The cookie competition will be held as part of the Winter Solstice Party at the Second Annual Rocky Neck Art Colony Holiday Art & Craft Show, this Sunday, December 21 from 2 – 4PM at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street.

All are invited to enjoy the pleasures of Holiday cookies, good food and wine as you explore gift ideas from among exquisite wearable and functional art pieces, sparkling jewelry, colorful pottery, exciting photographs and paintings, books, cards, calendars and more. Celebrate the Sun’s return and longer days as you shop locally away from the malls!

Ellen Landrigan- The Lucky Winner Of Last Week’s GloucesterCast New Subscriber Contest picks Up Her Dinner Dealer Deck

Ellen stopped by to pick up her Dinner Dealer Deck and while she was here she told us that she had been following the blog for 5 years and because of Good Morning Gloucester she just had to move to G-Town.  She finally found a place in East Gloucester (God’s Country) and is putting down roots.

Congrats on finally making it home Ellen!

2014-12-15 07.48.29

Get your Dinner Dealer Deck Here

Check Out The Latest GloucesterCast Here


Chef Paolo Interprets Pinoli!

In Sunday’s podcast, we weren’t quite sure of the pronunciation of Pinoli as we more often see pine nuts spelled pignoli. Chef Paolo explains the difference. Thank you Chef!

Pinoli’s Grand Opening is this coming Thursday, December 18th.


Because One Elf Isn’t Creepy Enough

As if our elf, Jingle, is creepy enough this holiday season, why not take it to the next level and really freak the kids out?  What exactly do you call a group of elves?  A pod, a gaggle, a school, a flock, a herd, a troop, a colony? Or maybe a drove, a bed, a pack, an army, a horde, a tribe.  Hmmm.  No matter what they’re called….they take the cake in the “Dear Lord, Make it Stop” category of holiday fun.

Courtesy of the PNP, the Portable North Pole, you too can add up the ante of holiday fibs and give yourself yet more to explain when your child no longer believes.  Good times.

Portable North Pole

As tempted as I was to see what would happen if poor little Finn founded himself on the naughty list, even I couldn’t be that mean.  There’s always next year 😉

Feeling A Lot Like Christmas


On Saturday it started to feel a lot like Christmas. We had large flakes of snow falling, I started playing holiday tunes in the gallery, the Lobster Trap Tree was lit, and a beautiful floral arrangement was delivered to the gallery. It’s a gift from Sharon StClair and husband Chuck King of Florida. It was given to me and the “GMG Gang,” and will be the centerpiece of the gala GMG Holiday Party on December 19th. They love Cape Ann, are Friends of the Gallery, of Good Morning Gloucester, and are my friends. I wish them a very happy Christmas.

Aaaaand Now It’s Official: Gloucester’s Got The Coolest Jews On The Planet After Building First Ever Lobster Pot Menorah

Get a Load Of Our Jew Buddies Up On Middle Street Rocking The First Ever Lobster Pot Menorah!

Right out there on the bleeding edge of cool- you name another small coastal community with more creative Jews than right here in Gloucester Ma. You can’t!

Read all about it on The Gloucester Clam

Click pic for the larger photos at The Clam


Tradition renewed- Greasy Pole Champ Jackets Are A Thing Once Again!

Eric Spear writes-

Greasypole Shrine was happy to hand out the Greasypole Champ jackets. A tradition that Paul F. Nicastro and myself revised and brought back. Donations also came from the brotherhood of walkers and Good MorningGloucester too. The white jacket is for Friday, Red is for Saturday and Green for Sunday. Congratulations — with Greasypole Nation, Jack Russ and Mark Allen.


Photo courtesy Eric Spear