Electricity, Home Heating and Energy Update #9 Cape Ann Chimney and Hearth Testimonial From Carol Cataldo

While At Cape Ann Chimney and Hearth interviewing for part of our Electricty and Home Heating and Energy Saving Series Carol Cataldo walked in to talk about the route she took to heat her rental unit and the reasons she went the route of pellet burning chimney insert.

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Seafood Myths That pretentious Foodies Will Try To Sell You On…

You know those pretentious “Foodies” that think they know everything there is to know about Seafood?

The next time you’re invited to a cocktail party and they start in on how “Monkfish tastes just like lobster.” You know what you tell them?

Get out my face sucka!” 

That’s got to be one of the biggest laughs know to anyone who has handled or tried monkfish.  Not even close.  But you’ll hear every foodie spout it out.  Idiots.

Next up is that skatewings taste just like scallops.  Another idiotic statement.  You know back in the late 80s early 90s there were days that we’d handle over 10,000lbs of skatewings at under 20 cents a lb.  And some marketing guru at a rag like today’s “Edible Boston” probably got some idea to pitch the idea that skatewing tasted like scallops and the mindless lemmings that most Foddies are, they bought it hook, line and sinker.

You want to know the best underutilized species?  Well I’ll tell you.  Number one and my all time favorite fish fried similar to smelt is Whiting.

Another great one is ocean catfish (also called wolfish).


Monkfish, just like lobster. Winking smile

Skatewing, just like scallops. Winking smile

August 11, 2011 016

So next time you’re at the cocktail party with the pretentious foodie, you tell them to keep the monkfish and skatewing on their side of the table and push the lobster and scallops your way.

Anticipation is Building ~ Pinoli Is On Track To Open December 18th!!

Pinoli Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2014In the few moments that I stopped to take snapshots of the elegant magnolia leaf wreaths at Pinoli, there were at least half a dozen or so curious onlookers peering into the windows and reading the information posted on the wall. I poked my head in the door and spoke to Mark McDonough, partner in Pinoli, and he assures us that yes, without a doubt, Pinoli will be open for business on December 18th! We can’t wait!!!

Pinoli Gloucester magnolia wreath ©Kim Smith 2014Pinoli’s lavish magnolia leaf and pear wreaths

View From Lobster trap Tree ©Kim Smith 2014View from the Lobster Pot Tree as the storm was clearing 

Twelve Days Before Christmas Carol Countdown ~ Christmas in Gloucester

Thank you Tim Perkins for sharing your favorite ~

Everett Harlow writes: “An original song by Paul “Sasquatch” Cohan celebrating America’s Oldest Seaport, Gloucester Massachusetts. Sasquatch covers the vocals and guitar, John Hicks plays mandolin and bass, and Ev Harlow did the video. Special thanks to Joey at Good Morning Gloucester for some of the images. Merry Christmas Cape Ann!”


Happy St. Lucia Day…Learn How To Make St. Lucia Pudding “Cuccia” Today With Sista Felicia!


Click link below for Video Recipe



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Happy Santa Lucia Day!!!- Celebrate By Making Santa Lucia Cuccia With Sista Felicia

The Gloucester Times Taste of The Times Is Hosting Felicia’s Video Today check it out-


Click here for the printable recipe as well

December 13th is Santa Lucia Day Learn more About The Day Here

From wikipedia-


St. Lucia is the patron saint of the city of Syracuse (Sicily), where she was born. Celebrations take place on the 13th of December and in May. St. Lucy is also popular among children in some regions of North-Eastern Italy, namely Trentino, East Lombardy (Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantua), parts of Veneto, (Verona), parts of Emilia-Romagna, (Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emilia), and all of Friuli, where she brings gifts to good children and coal to bad ones the night between December 12 and 13. She arrives in the company of a donkey and her escort, Castaldo. Children are asked to leave some coffee for Lucia, some flour for the donkey and bread for Castaldo. They must not watch Santa Lucia delivering these gifts, or she will throw ashes in their eyes, temporarily blinding them. In Sicily and among the Sicilian diaspora, cuccìa is eaten in memory of Saint Lucy’s miraculous averting of famine.

Big weekend for local music stars: Tonight @ 7:30, Tomorrow AM @ 9

HenriCDCoverTonight at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre, Gloucester’s Henri Smith releases his first CD in a decade (recorded live at the Larcom in March) with a concert celebration that will, of course, include dancing a traditional New Orleans Second Line parade in the aisles.

Vickie and I produced the CD and Vickie designed the CD case and disc.

This will be your last chance to get your CD signed by Henri and the band before the holidays.  Very good seats still available in the balcony (here) and a few good seats also left in the orchestra (here).

L-R: Allen Estes, Aurelia Nelson, Charlie Farren

Tomorrow morning Allen Estes & Charlie Farren are Aurelia Nelson’s guests on her 104.9 show Curtain Up at 9am (Worth getting up for!)

You get to hear a new song and a taste of the Solstice experience you can expect next Saturday 12/20 when they perform with young, rising Boston Blues star, Danielle Miraglia in a benefit for Gloucester’s UU Church Meetingbouse Restoration.  This will be a festive night of original rock, blues and Americana music with a few traditional holiday sing-along favorites.  Tickets are still available.  Get them here.