STUFF A BUS Toy Drive From Rick Doucette

Rick Doucette submits-

Hi Joey –
For the third year, the YMCA TEEN LEADERS CLUB and the TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT of the Gloucester Public Schools collaborated for the STUFF A BUS Toy Drive.  Thanks to the amazing generosity of our community,
we are able to redistribute more than 500 toys to local families in need.
We are grateful for this avenue of service and look forward to further initiatives.

Nine Days Before Christmas Carol Countdown ~ What Child Is This

Andrea Bocelli’s (featuring Mary J. Blige) stunning rendition of “What Child Is This” from Bocelli’s album Mi Navidad. The live recording is lovely, but if you have a moment, listen to the recording from the album ~ a true Christmas treasure.

Williams Sonoma Closing its Doors at the North Shore Mall

What a surprise when shopping today to see that William Sonoma is leaving the North Shore Mall, especially after reading Joey’s amusing post this morning: The Funniest Thing You’ll Read Today is the 2014 Hater’s Guide to the William Sonoma Catalogue.

Williams Sonoma closing North Shore mall ©Kim Smith 2014

 Speaking of catalogues, did you receive that crazy Restoration Hardware 17 pound tome, with over 3,000 pages (I’m not kidding) this past spring? The same gentleman who ran Williams Sonoma, Gary Freidman, is the Chairman and CEO of Restoration Hardware, or recently dubbed RH, I should say.


Williams Sonoma closing North Shore mall  -2©Kim Smith 2014

When The Moonies Came To Town

Adam Bolonsky writes-

I remember when the Unification Church (the Moonies) arrived Gloucester in the late 70’s and started bluefin fishing. It was a complex time, and thinking about it recently, I came across these reminiscences from Colleen Christian, a Moonie who moved to Gloucester to fish on one of the two dozen or so Gloucester bluefin boats the Moonies brought to the waterfont. Moonie crews fished with handlines for bluefin. Some crews were made up of only women. Anyhow, I got a kick out of the anecdote below, especially the part where a moonie from the Bronx teaches a Gloucester bluefin moonie crew how to respond to Moonies suck!

Colleen writes:

My first assignment in Gloucester was on a bluefin boat that went to the Northwest Corner, this huge bank, a rise in the ocean floor, where the water is about a hundred feet deep, ideal for bluefin tuna fishing. Soon after we we got there, there was a strike on one of the boats in there. When you hook a bluefin, first thing you do is, the first mate releases the anchor – attached to a big orange buoy ball – so that when you land your fish you can retrieve your anchor. In our fleet, it was permissible for any of our boats to come over and take the anchor of a Moonie boat that had just hooked up, the reasoning being, if one boat caught a tuna in that spot, another boat would, too.

So that’s what we did. Soon after we moved to the other boat’s mooring ball, I heard the snap of one of the clips holding our handlines. Our captain barked out orders to release the anchor and to pull in all the our other lines. 

It was pandemonium and utter confusion, and so another boat in our fleet motored over to help. This big German guy jumped on board with us to us. He and I pulled in the extra lines and our captain took the fighting line to the bow. After a half hour, I took the fighting line, and that’s how it went, back and forth, for over two hours. , and it went on, like that, for two hours, his turn, my turn. 

The fish we landed weighed 550 lbs. When we got it within a few feet of our boat, I gaffed it, and we inserted one line through its gills, another around its tail, and we tied it off alongside low enough in the water to keep cool for the trip home.

The big thing to do in was moon us. People in Gloucester knew us and knew our cars, and they would drive by us and pull their pants down and show us their butts. They’d yell, 

“Moonies suck! Moonies suck!”

But there was a brother in our church who was kind of a bad dude before he joined the church. He was from the Bronx, and he knew how to answer Moonies suck. He said,

“When they yell Moonies suck, you yell, Your mother sucks! Your sister sucks!

So we did. They yelled Moonies suck at us. And we yelled back, Your mother sucks!! And they yelled, My mother sucks?! You suck! and from there it would escalate.

woman moonie bluefin

Photo: Nancy Breyfogel, Susan Fox, Jane Rees and Lois Ramunnihad stand with a Moonie bluefin they landed in Gloucester in the early 1980’s. “Like anyone else,” Lois said, “I wanted to try it because it sounded exciting. It was something new.”

Updated: Joey C Local Gift No Brainers

Easiest of all and most bang for your buck- Dinner Dealer Decks get them here-

For A Woman- It’s hard to leave Pisces without a cool gift.

For Hand Crafted Stuff- Present Down at The Bottom Of Union Hill and diagonally from Stones, def going to walk out with something cool and unique.

Alexandria’s Bread Co- I’ve said it a bunch of times- Alexandria should be a buyer for Target because she has an eye for timeless interesting things and that space offers many  T Shirts and other things that scream Timeless New England Coastal Community.

Take your favorite photo of your child or local scene and email it to James and Anna At Cape Ann Giclee to get a Canvas wrap made of that image and if you are giving that present to someone that the photo holds meaning for, you can’t get more personalized than that.

The Weathervane for your Cape Pond Ice gear.

Passports is currently offering 20% on Gift Certificates- easy No Brainer for one of the best restaurants in town that you’ll undoubtedly be visiting.

Our Donna Ardizzoni can have any of her images put on a pillow for you- check out her website here-

Sista Felicia’s Cookbook which preserves and shares traditional Sicilian recipes for future generations

For Men- Merino Wool Socks or Other Warm Outdoor Gear at Nelsons

Kim Smith’s Oh Garden Of Possibilities for The Local Gardener

Sporting Goods as well as Gloucester/Rockport/Manchester Caps- Palazolas

Gift Certificates At Any Of the Local Massage Joints

Cape Ann License Plate- Ordering Info-

TBT Post Alpaca Sweaters, Shawls, Hats and Gloves- Guaranteed To Walk Out With a Woman’s Present (The Men’s Classic Alpaca Crew Neck Sweaters In Black or Grey Are Timeless and Reasonably Priced As Well)

You Can Get One Of Paulie Walnuts’ Late Father’s Paintings (he was a great painter of Gloucester’s Fishing Fleet)-

EJ probably has some of her inspiring Moolong books kicking around

The Village Silvermith and Blue River Diamonds downtown- wide range of women’s jewelry- you can definitely walk out of those joints with a gift.

Local Colors Artist Cooperative- Joe Fish Prints or Rusty and Ingrid Prints or any of the other tons of stuff there locally crafted.  100% can walk out of there with a gift.

Life Is Good Now Has the exclusive local sellers of Cape Ann Tuna Club Gear

Any of the Gear From The Wicked Tuna Boats Make Good presents for the fans of those shows Hard Merchandise Gear Tuna.Com Gear

The Art Room on Center Street also carries unique clothing and art for women.

Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets at The Cave and Savour Wine and Cheese.

Beth Williams Studios has completely unique blown glass items for your ladyfriend.

Pop Gallery Is the place for funky presents for your man or woman
You want a hand painted unique to you mailbox or something else? Paulines Gifts #Boom

Not sure how I could have forgotten an old school framed print from your neighborhood from our boy Fred at Bodin Historic Photo.

Also for the sport fisherman in your life, Stevie Corbett’s Chum Cutter

These are just some of the no-brainers I can think of right off the top of my head, feel free to help complete my list by adding a comment in the post or forwarding me a link to your favorite local joint or gift to add.

Sista Felicia’s Favorite Holiday Baking Must Have!





Today I’m spending a few hours catching up on Holiday Baking using Reynolds Cookie Non-Stick Parchment Paper Baking Sheets, an item I picked up at Walmart back in early October for my annual Family & Friends Holiday Baking Day, that was cancelled due to our daughter Amanda’s recent ear issues. I instantly fell in love with these super handy pre-cut non-stick baking sheets. They are the greatest invention for at home baking! I Love not having to fold under or cut excess paper from the traditional parchment paper roll most commonly sold at the grocery store. For years I’ve wished for pre-cut parchment sheets to fit my bake-wear especially during the busy holiday seasons. When I spotted this item at Walmart, I bought all 10 boxes on the shelf without even doing a price comparison for its quantity compared to the roll, because sometimes your time and frustration is worth the extra money! In the end they were a little more expensive but I prefer parchment paper over Silpat baking mat, and feel this product is well worth every penny! Their simply fantastic!





Holiday Delights – December 19 through December 21

Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshops




A Holiday Season Event for All Ages

The Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshops proudly presents Holiday Delights from December 19 through December 21 at Gloucester Stage Company, 267 East Main Street, Gloucester. Holiday Delights features a cast of over 30 young people ranging in age from 6 to 17, all students in Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshops. This family holiday event marks the sixth time in Gloucester Stage history that a production has featured a cast of student actors from the GSC Youth Acting Workshops Program. First produced in 2007, Holiday Delights has become an audience favorite and Cape Ann holiday tradition. Conceived and directed by Gloucester’s Heidi Dallin, Holiday Delights is a festive evening of stories, songs, and dance recounting the special traditions that other cultures and families experience as seen through one young girl’s magical journey on Christmas Eve to discover what is really important during the holiday season. Holiday Delights performances are December 19 through December 21 at Gloucester Stage, 267 East Main Street, Gloucester, MA. Performance times are 7 pm on December 19, December 20 and 3 pm on December 20 and December 21. Ticket prices are $15 for Adults; $12 for Senior Citizens, $8 for Students and $6 for Children under 12. For tickets and further information, call 978-281-4433 or visit

The 2014 edition of Holiday Delights features the journey of Ella, a young girl who discovers the spirit and the joys of the holiday season as she faces the unhappy prospect of leaving her beloved hometown of Gloucester and moving with her family to a new home in Michigan. Ella’s special Christmas Eve journey helps her to realize and appreciate the importance of her own family traditions. During her Christmas Eve travels with Mrs. Claus and the elves, she celebrates Hanukkah, travels back in time to turn of the century Gloucester to see her Italian-Irish ancestors celebrate the holidays and meets famous literary characters including The Cratchit Family and the Fezziwig Family from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the March Sisters from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women and the animals of the enchanted forest and a talking Christmas tree in Henry Van Dyke’s The Very Best Kind of Christmas Tree. 

Holiday Delights features Sign Language, movement, music, and costume design – all skills that the student actors learned in YAW classes this year as well as the return of Christmas in Gloucester, the original story set in turn of the century Gloucester featuring Ella’s grandmother as a young girl herself growing up on the Fort in an Irish-Italian fishing family and a retelling of The Very Best Kind of Christmas Tree. According to director and writer Heidi Dallin, “By adding Christmas in Gloucester to the show I wanted to explore the main character’s background so she could see first hand the origin of her own family traditions and thus gain a new appreciation for them. I also wanted to offer the entire cast a glimpse of Gloucester’s past and enrich their experience in the production. We had an enthusiastic audience response to the story so we brought the story back this year with some new twists and new characters.” Regarding the new adaptation of The Very Best Kind of Christmas Tree, Dallin adds “The actors love telling the story of the little green tree and her friends, the animals of the forest because they get the opportunity to play the animals in the forest.”

The 30 young actors bring the original and classic stories to life on stage with a fresh perspective. Many actors play multiple roles in the production to bring all the stories to life. Holiday Delights features over 100 costume changes, Irish step dancing, folk dancing and a traditional Hebrew dance with the added twist of dancing dreidels; classic holiday music including Angels We Have Heard on High; Deck The Halls; O, Christmas Tree, Three Ships, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, and a holiday sing a long with the audience.

Gloucester 11 year old Ella de Gaspe Beaubien plays the young girl who wants to skip Christmas rather than move away from Gloucester. de Gaspe Beaubien came to YAW as a 7 year old with stage fright whose parents described as “a backstage girl.” Now this “backstage girl” is front and center and has been a cast member of Holiday Delights since 2010. She made her Holiday Delights debut in 2010 playing an elf and a rabbit.

Gloucester native 15 year old Talia DeWolfe takes over the role of Mrs. Claus. DeWolfe has been a student of Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshops since 2010 and has appeared in Holiday Delights for 4 years.

The Holiday Delights 2014 cast also includes nine year old Bezawit Strong who made her stage debut in Holiday Delights 2013 and her professional stage debut in August 2014 in the GSC’s 35th Anniversary Season production of Fences. Strong takes over the role of the talking Little Tree in The Very Best Kind of Christmas Tree.

In addition to Dallin, the artistic staff includes music direction by Gloucester Public Schools’ Helen Greene, choreography by Carol Burnham, set and prop design by Danvers native Jamie Wilkinson, costume design by Lara Jardullo, lighting design by Brendan Marr and stage management by Annika Rosenvinge assisted by Davia Meader.

Holiday Delights performances are December 19 through December 21 at Gloucester Stage, 267 East Main Street, Gloucester, MA. Performance times are 7 pm on December 19, December 20 and 3 pm on December 20 and December 21 Ticket prices are $15 for Adults; $12 for Senior Citizens, $8 for Students and $6 for Children under 12. For tickets and further information, call 978-281-4433 or visit

Season’s Greetings To all members and friends of dory rowing From The IDRC




As 2014 comes to a close, we would like to wish all of our members and friends of the IDRC a happy and safe holiday season.  We are certainly fortunate to have dories to row and a beautiful harbor to row in (winter and summer)!  We remember those who can no longer get out on the water, and look forward to another great year of dory rowing and racing in 2015.


Don’t forget the dory rowers on your Christmas List.  The IDRC has oars and other rowing gear in stock and ready for wrapping!  Just call Skip Levielle at (978) 281-1071. Or, visit our virtual store for dory apparel @


Toy With the Idea of Non-Toy Gifts

I was that parent who insisted that my boys were going to have all wooden, all natural, and “real life” toys.  I stuck to that rule for quite some time and, I’m not going to lie, I’m still happy that my boys have, on their own, become interested in things like animals, boats, police/fire/coastguard/etc., vehicles, fishing tackle, and sports cards…rather than Power Rangers, Pokemon, and whatnot.  I guess what I love the most about their interests is that they are “real” and they’re not going anywhere.  You can never learn too much about wild animals, real life heros, sports, science, and such.  But, it isn’t just that, I’m also cheap and I’m happy that they haven’t gotten into the it items that are going to be replaced by new it items in 6 months.

So, they’ve been playing with many of the exact same toys for probably YEARS. They, at 5.5 and 7.5, still can not get enough of their collection of Hess trucks, fishing boats, rescue vehicles, match box cars, and Schleich animals. They also have 100s of small whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, etc that they spread out and play with for hours.  On the other hand, they also have iPod minis, for when they need some down time…or I need a break!

I say all of this (in my incredibly long-winded own way) because all of that means that I had NO idea what to get them for Christmas this year.  They truly don’t need a thing.  They still use and love so many of their toys…why replace them with stuff just for the sake of having more stuff?  Likewise, we have a tiny little home.  I truly can’t bear the thought of buying crap that they are not going to use.  That having been said, clearly we want to get them things…and not super lame things….for Christmas.

They did ask for a few things…so that helped.  They both wanted a couple of pairs of new sneakers.  Shot, score!  Cause, you know, I was going to have to buy those soon anyway.  They wanted “rollie” hockey bags. Ummm….ok…awesome!  The less I need to lug their gear around the better. It totally rocks that I was also able to get the Grit Pod hockey bags that actually have a compartment for each item of their gear!  TOTALLY addresses my OCD issues.  I couldn’t be happier.  They wanted new backpacks.  That one kind of hurt, because they both have ones that I love…and that don’t really need  to be replaced….but, since they were cheap and easy…I got them.  And, they always get the new Hess truck.  So, not bad.  We were making progress.

They’ve been dying to take guitar lessons, but with hockey, school, etc. that hasn’t really been in the budget. Thank goodness for grandparents, because thanks to Nammy they will have guitars and an amp and thanks to Grampy they’ll have their first three months of lessons. Tremendous.

So, now what?

From here it is all about the Experience Gifts!  Here’s a little secret.  Shhhh.  If, like us, you find yourself to be on a budget, Experience Gifts can be great because you don’t really have to pay for them before Christmas.  For example, last year I put together a little gift basket with some Providence Bruins stuff, a photo of a hotel in Providence, a brochure for the Providence Dave and Busters, and a brochure for the Roger Williams Zoo.  A quick little one night getaway stuffed to the gills with activities that they were going to love to help kill the post holiday/winter doldrums….that didn’t have to be actually paid for until a few weeks after the holidays when we actually booked the hotel and got “baby Bruins” tix online…for super, super cheap I might add.

Another great quick getaway that is on my favorite list is The Great Wolf Lodge in Fitchburg…again, give them a getaway for Christmas by putting together a cute basket (think Wolf ears or nose from a party shop, swim goggles, one of their own bathing suits and/or flip flops, maybe a cheap new towel, a brochure) and then book it in January or February for a mid winter retreat.  Does that sound cheap? What evs….it works.

Experience Gifts don’t have to be in the form of overnight trips though!!

Here are some other ideas:

A membership to Maritime Gloucester.  Get a cheap sand pail (or find one of the 1,000 you already own), throw in a ocean dwelling stuffed animal (or go buy one from their awesome gift shop), maybe a small fishing net, grab a brochure, and you’re good to go.

A season pass for the Water Taxi.  Buy a little toy boat (can you say Toodeloos) and tie on the pass with a cute little bow.  Maybe even find a sailor or captains hat to go with it!

Gift cards to Friendly’s, Orange Leaf, Cape Ann Lanes, Island Art and Hobby, Gloucester Cinema, the Rainforest Cafe, or Art Haven (which also means GLAZED!). Of course, there’s also things like the Museum of Science, the Boston Children’s Museum, the PEM, the Elizabeth Stewart Gardner Museum, the Harvard Museum of Natural History, Sky Zone, The Legoland Discovery Center. You name it!!  Don’t forget their favorite store.  Seems like a no brainer, but my boys love nothing more than a gift card to Fisherman’s Outfitters or Fin and Feather in Essex!  I buy them a couple of new fishing lures and tie them onto the envelope from one of those stores and they’re the happiest of campers.

Two things:  First of all, ALL of these kind-of-lame-to-open gift cards can be made super fun with simple extras.  A little bowling pin (I’ve seen them but probably couldn’t find one when I actually need one so you’re on your own there) or a roll of quarters for the video games to go with the bowling gift card. Some microwave popcorn and some candy put into a cute box (Michael’s Crafts in Danvers sells really cute boxes…sometimes even ones that look like popcorn boxes…see below) to go along with the movie gift card.  An actual container from Orange Leaf (which they give out with their gift cards) filled with some gummy bears, cookies, or other toppings.  A paint brush, crayons, cheap set of markers to go along with the Art Haven gift card. A magnifying glass for the MOS, some small plastic animals/insects to go with the Museum of Natural History. An art book to accompany the art museum visit.  A pair of gym shorts or a new water bottle for the trip to Sky Zone. A small Lego kit to go with the trip to Legoland in Somerville. Whale Watch tickets work well with a brochure or post card of a whale, a stuffed animal, or maybe even a t-shirt from one of the local whale watching companies. You get the point!  Secondly, if a place doesn’t necessarily make/give real gift cards….just make your own and then pay cash when you go for real.  I’ve done that plenty of times.

One of my favorite gifts is a “A Day Your Way” ticket.  Each of my boys get one and then they get to redeem it for a day that is planned totally by them (with in reason and budget!).  They only get one or two a year so if they choose candy for breakfast and breakfast for dinner I don’t really care!  They also get to choose one activity: movie, mini golf, museum, hike, etc. and we follow their lead all day long.

Aside from day trips, are also simple staycation ideas. Super easy, no brainers. Hot cocoa, ice cream sundae toppings, popcorn, and a movie in a fun basket for a family movie night!  Some snacks, a pizza coupon, and a new board game for family game night!  A new book and some snacks for a guaranteed long session of read aloud time together.  A basket of crafting supplies for a day or arts and crafts.  Some binoculars, a compass, a map, a nature map or field guide, maybe a disposable camera…and you’re off for a fun hike together!  You get the idea.

For those of you who are super eager beavers, plan a scavenger hunt!  Some small gifts and clues that will lead your child all around town with some fun stops along the way!  Again, my boys love to search for different boats, see which boats are in and which are out, hit a playground, go for a hike, grab a hot cocoa, search for more clues….  Super fun day!

And, finally….   here are some other Non Toy ideas that I love.

1.  A magazine subscription.  We love National Geographic Kids, National Geographic Little Kids, Boys’ Life, and Time for Kids.  The novelty of getting their new magazine in the mail has never worn off and we make certain to make special time to read it together within 48 hours of its arrival.

2.  To up the ante, a book club.  I’ve used Gift Lit before.  Think wine of the month club, but in a book form for young (or any aged) reader!

3.  Equally, if not more, awesome is Kiwi Crate!! I really hope at least someone has hung on and read this far because this is one of my favorite ideas ever!  Same idea as the monthly book club, but you sign up and then all that you need to complete a fun craft together is shipped right to your house! Total excitement the day it comes in the mail!


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I Have a Cane, And Am Now Able


After Saturday’s missing of the CATA bus, I jumped into a taxi with my cane. No big deal, I thought. I planned to pick up my rollator/walker on Sunday, but that didn’t work out. I was now committed to a cane at home and at work the next day. Dicey. I boarded the 9:30am bus by cane and walked down the long hallway at the hospital to physical therapy. They were surprised and pleased that I had the confidence to do that. I thank the AGH Rehab  and Sports Medicine for getting me here.

Word count: 101 Draft saved at 7:21:24 pm.


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Writing Helper

and ability to do that. “You’ve made the crossover,” my PT said. Yep, I thought, another milestone, to better prowl the jungle of life.

Continue reading “I Have a Cane, And Am Now Able”

The Funniest Thing You’ll Read Today Is The 2014 Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog

The 2014 Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog

From Deadspin and forwarded by Robin Jones (click the link above to check the whole thing out)

It starts-

It’s a difficult world out there, people. War, poverty, brutality, corruption, social and racial injustice … these are not civil times we live in. Which is why, more than ever, we NEED the comfort and warmth that only life inside the Williams-Sonoma catalog can provide. Follow me, America. Follow me inside these glossy pages, where there is no anger. No violence. No internet commenters explaining why YOUR SO STOOPID.

In here, there is nothing but endless kitchen countertops, and meticulously arranged buffet spreads with pre-made bundt cakes (prep it a day early, and your party is a snap!) that have been drizzled just so with triple-butterscotch icing. There are fancy chocolates enrobed in other fancy chocolates. There are WHIMSICAL TINS (yes, the copy actually says that). There are thousands of newfangled cooking tools and gadgets and devices that only a Greenwich, Conn., kitchen could possibly have space to accommodate. There are dustings and sprinklings and twee little bows, all perfectly arranged for your perfect little evening of perfect holiday entertaining with your perfect neighbor guests and your perfect children standing by the table in their john-johns and singing gaily to you all as you pipe fresh, warm cognac into each other’s butts.

Really, click the link to see the whole post on Deadspin, it’s good stuff. Just in case you’re not sure where to click- see the highlighted text after the word “word”, click there. word The 2014 Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog

Item #66-4052924 – Lobster Mac And Cheese ($99)


Tuesday December 16th , 2014 Cape Ann Weather…

Marine Forecast :
Tue S winds around 5 kt…increasing to 5 to 10 kt in the afternoon. Seas around 2 ft.
Tue Night SE winds 5 to 10 kt…becoming E after midnight. Seas 2 to 3 ft. Patchy fog. Rain likely.

Freezing Drizzle / Black Ice … Be very careful Driving and Walking Early Am till warms up by 8-9am …..

Pod Cast Weather :

Hourly Forecast :



Community Stuff 12/16/14

Sarah Clark Book Launch Reception Thursday Dec. 18
at 7 pm at Rockport Community House, Broadway
Sarah will read from her new novel, “Midsummer Magic — A Rockport Tale”
Refreshments will be served and books available for purchase. Price is $15.

MidSummerMagic (2)

~WinterSong: a Celtic Advent Meditation – Wednesday, December 17, 7:30pm – St. Paul Lutheran Church, 1123 Washington St., Gloucester (Lanesville)
Celtic musicians singer Michael O’Leary and harper Carol McIntyre will present this evening of Celtic spirituality in song, chant, music and spoken word to mark the end of Advent and the coming of the Light, hosted by St. Paul Lutheran Church and Pastor Anne Deneen. Donations requested. For more info: 978.283.6550,