Hot Ticket Lobsterman Shawn Pizzo

A lobsterman’s work is never done ~ 

Shawn Pizzo Gloucester Lobsterman Hot Ticket Boat ©Kim Smith 2014I couldn’t resist the title of the post–the name of Shawn’s boat is the “Hot Ticket.” Many thanks to Shawn for granting permission to photograph and post photos on GMG.

Shawn Pizzo Gloucester Lobsterman Hot Ticket Boat  -2 ©Kim Smith 2014Shawn Pizzo Gloucester Lobsterman Hot Ticket Boat  -3 ©Kim Smith 2014Shawn Pizzo Gloucester Lobsterman Hot Ticket Boat  -9 ©Kim Smith 2014Shawn Pizzo Gloucester Lobsterman Hot Ticket Boat  -10 ©Kim Smith 2014See more photos here Continue reading “Hot Ticket Lobsterman Shawn Pizzo”

Near El Calafate, Argentina

We have returned to glorious Gloucester after traveling 23,676 miles from home to Santiago, Easter Island, Tierra del Fuego and a large part of southern Patagonia as well as Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls. It was an extraordinary adventure and an outstanding learning experience. I plan to put together several short photo/video posts featuring the highlights of this trip which I will post here on GMG.

For today, here is a portrait of a gentleman of Basque heritage who operates a small cantina on the lonely road between Torres del Paine National Park (Chile) and El Calafate in Santa Cruz Provence, Argentina. This location struck me because of the ‘aloneness’ of the setting, the gentleness of the proprietor and his family, and the stark beauty of the steppes.

Precarious Position

Would you or wouldn’t you?  I saw this photo on the the other day.

I don’t know about you, but after the holidays, I’m ready for a vacation.  I’m just not sure this would be it.

Just some extreme athletes taking a little break during the International Highline Meeting in the northern Italian Alps.


Santa’s Out of Gas

SantaGas5430wmI have to confess that the holiday season, from Thanksgiving to yesterday, two days after Christmas, have exhausted me. Black Friday, Ladies’ Night, Men’s Night, the GMG Holiday party (the last two being back to back). I was also open every afternoon except Sundays from about noon to 5:15 pm, catching the last CATA bus to Rockport. My electrician described himself as “feeling like junk”, after a tough night. I feel like that every day, especially in my legs and abdomen, from the exertion at PT, work, and related to my cancer. If not for my medical professionals and friends helping me, it never could have happened.

Tomorrow, Monday, I have physical therapy at Addison Gilbert Hospital, which may be my last session until a rollover date. I’ve been a steady show-up at PT, like a football pro who’d get fined for a no-show. January will be a time of rest. This week, I’ll be open Monday 12/29, Tuesday 12/30, Friday 1/2/15, and Saturday 1/3/15. I carry on.


Building Implosion Fails

Robin Jones shares-

Attempt number one:

Attempt number two:

Third times the charm:

The unfinished building was in Sevastapol and was destroyed because its construction was unauthorized.

In Soviet Russia, the building will tell you when it will implode….

Notice the poor dog with the shit scared out of him running away in the last video…..

Plunge For Pete Frates Photos and Monday December 29 , 2014 Cape Ann Weather

On Saturday morning my daughter and I noticed all the cars parked on our road , and saw tons of people heading up to the Bass Rocks Club House… Many vehicles had different license plates , and we thought hmm holiday party ? After further review my brother called from California saying that ESPN is gonna be live down Good Harbor Beach For Pete Frates Strikeout #ALS ColdWaterChallenge.
So myself and Madison got our shoes on and headed out the door to see 100’s of Supporters marching out front down Beach Rd towards the beach … We hopped into my car and headed for the beach .. We quickly ran out of our car and sprinted to Nautilus Rd… We saw all the Supporters for Pete Frates , News Crews , Busses , Police … All To Benefit For The Pete Frates StrikeoutALSCampaign …

Madison and I quickly fled for the footbridge where we got up in personal right next to Pete Frates And also met his Father-In-Law shook hands and was happy to see Goodmorninggloucester there .. I spoke to him and said this is so amazing all these people coming out to support Pete And Help Fight ALS.. He was so happy to see all these people … I then took out my GoPro and started shooting pics … Here are the pics from such a Inspiring Amazing Event… All these people deserve so much respect , And Thanks … The water was cold that day a balmy 44°f with a Air Temp of 49°f at the time of the start… ESPN was also there reporting the Event Live … Madison And Myself Witnessed A Once In A Lifetime Event … We both felt very emotional and so happy For Pete Frates And His Family And Friends ….
December 27th , 2014 Plunge4Pete Pics …

Marine Forecast :
Mon NW winds around 10 kt with gusts up to 20 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft.
Mon Night NW winds around 10 kt. Seas around 2 ft.

Pod Cast Weather :
Hourly Forecast :



It’s China Port.

Hello Joey,
My name is Yabin and I’m the nephew of the new owner of China Port. I saw a post about China Port on your website and I thank you for that. Can you guys help us clarify to the citizens of Gloucester that the old restaurant, Dragon Light restaurant,  is no longer at this address? It’s the old China Port but with a new owner. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

Yabin Chen