Nichole’s “Family Picks of the Weekend” for December 6th and 7th

Pick #1

This event has already received some press here on GMG and I’ve had my eye on it for a couple of weeks.  

The Beauport Princess will welcome Santa aboard on Saturday (twice)!

Reserve ASAP for the evening Santa Cruise to enjoy cocoa, cookies, a reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, partying with some elves, and of course schmoozing with the big guy Himself!  The afternoon cruise has already sold out, so if you’re interested in sailing with Santa, book now for the 6:00-7:30 pm trip.

Beauport Princess

Pick #2

Because we call Rockport home, we’ve yet to miss Santa’s arrival into Rockport Harbor.  Each year it is a big day in our household and I’m guessing that, years from now, it’ll be one of those days that our boys treasure from their book of childhood memories.

Santa is scheduled to arrive on Rockport’s T-Wharf at 3:45….by lobster boat, of course.  Santa is always escorted into the harbor by the Rockport Harbor Masters, as well as, the Coast Guard.  You can never be too safe when it comes to the Big Guy after all.

Once disembarking the boat and climbing the ladder up towards Motif #1, Santa will hitch a ride on one of Rockport’s Forest Fire Trucks to Dock Square for some caroling and the lighting of Rockport’s Christmas Tree.  The tree lighting ceremony is scheduled to get under way at 4:00 p.m.

Dressing warmly and packing a thermos are never bad ideas 😉

Read more here




Pick #3

In my humble opinion, you can NEVER go wrong with a trip to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary….and this weekend is no exception!

Saturday’s programing includes “Gifts from Nature” for 4-12 year olds @ 10:00 a.m. and “Map and Compass Treasure Hunt” @ 2:00 p.m. for ages 7 and up!

On Sunday, from 1:30-3:00, you can join a “Sense of Wonder Walk: Nuts about Squirrels” for ages 3 and up!  Come on….how can you resist that?

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary Program Catalog 

Pick #4

Get your laugh on!  The Improv Asylum in Boston’s North End will be home to “No Rest for the Wicked Funny” again this year.  The event is 24 straight hours of comedy to benefit Globe Santa.  While 23 hours of the event is not child friendly (and, really, who would want it to be!!!), the 10:00 a.m time slot on Saturday, December 6th is!

Family Time! Children 13 and under can improvise with The 24 hour cast for some family friendly fun. (Kids get in free)”

So, if you have a child who loves the limelight or who is outgoing and funny, this may be just the ticket to let them shine!  And…it is for a great charity.

You can read more about the entire event here

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 7.57.23 PM


Snapshots to Add to Ladies Night Coverage

Headlines Salon Gloucester MA ©Kim Smith 2014Headlines Salon, with Heather Greenwood, hair stylist.

Chef Paolo La Boa Mark McDonough ©Kim Smith 2014Partners Chef Paolo La Boa and Mark McDonough in the soon-to-be-opening Pinoli Restaurant (quite possibly by December 18th)!

Bananas Gloucester -2 ©Kim Smith 2014Richard at Bananas creates the most evocative windows. This is one of my all time favorites! 

Bananas Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2014

Why Merino Wool, Alpaca, and Cashmere Keep You Warm and Dry

wool_fibersIn reference to Joey’s post about wool socks, I thought GMG readers would like to see this cool fiber comparison chart, which shows a range of fibers under a microscope.

Notice how the wool, cashmere, and alpaca individual fibers are composed of many overlapping shafts, which trap air and moisture. Fine wool such as merino absorbs as much as 36 percent of its weight in moisture and then gradually releases it through evaporation, while simultaneously keeping the moisture away from the skin. Wool is also naturally antibacterial, typically for the life of the garment.

Another great property of wool, alpaca, and cashmere is that unlike synthetics, they are renewable resources. Merino sheep and alpacas are shorn once a year, and cashmere is collected from Cashmere goats during the spring molting season. These fibers readily absorb natural dyes and can be processed with the use of minimal or no dyes.

You can read more about the moisture transporting properties of wool here: Backpacking Light

if you love your husband you’ll get him merino wool heavyweight socks


Listen I know socks, right after ties and underwear are about the least sexy gift you can give your husband.  But if your husband goes outdoors at all in the winter and only owns cotton socks then he will forever be grateful to you for introducing him to the luxurious warmth and comfort of merino wool socks.  They’re all I wear year round, heavyweight in the late fall/winter and lighter weight low cut in the summer.

It is one of the most often overlooked and lowest cost options for keeping yourself warm in the winter and ever since I discovered the comfort that merino wool provides and the moisture wicking that natural fiber provides once he tries them, he will never look back.

See, cotton socks in the winter are the absolute worst things you can wear.  Once your feet sweat even a little, cotton keeps that moisture close to your feet and provides a direct conduit of cold to your body.  In the exact opposite way, merino wool wicks that moisture away and merino wool is the softest wool which provides 100% comfort and 0% itch that other kinds of wool have.

Right now Sierra trading post has these Woolrich Big wooly rag socks made out of merino wool that are normally $16 a pair on sale for $7.87 once you click through to the coupon.  a steal and a guaranteed thank you from your husband if he doesn’t already know about merino wool socks and has been wearing cotton socks for years.  Click to buy ‘em on sale here for $7.87 at Sierra Trading Post

Kim Smith Live Vining 2014 #GloucesterMA Downtown Ladies Night Like It’s Nobody’s Business!

First Look- Pinoli Opening In Former Space Of Alchemy From @KimSmithDesigns ! #GloucesterMA GMG Exclusive!


Chef Paolo La Boa Mark McDonough ©Kim Smith 2014

Partners in Pinoli Chef Paolo LaBoa and Mark McDonough

Peter Todd Fundraiser

Lucinda Seigel writes that Peter Todd, Gloucester’s poet laureate, is currently in the hospital facing an uncertain outcome. She forwards along the fund rasing information: Any checks going into the account will have to be made payable to Peter Albert Todd Fundraising Campaign only.  Checks can be sent or delivered to the bank.  Any questions can be directed to Shannon Randazza at the Bank of Gloucester:

Shannon Randazza

Customer Service Representative

160 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

978-283-8200 Ext. 213 Fax 978-2817283

Santa Comes To Rockport On a Lobster Boat 3:45 PM This Saturday December 6th

Elfen Wi-Fi wireless reports that Santa will be arriving by boat in Rockport this Saturday December 6th at 3:45PM. Santa disembarks at Bradley wharf then makes his way to Dock Square to flip the switch on the Christmas Tree at 4 PM.

The following is what this all looked like in 2010 (Sue me I’m lazy!) 50 degrees and maybe a light rain forecasted will not deter the teaming throngs of children screaming “It’s SANTA!!!” when the Freemantle Doctor turns into the harbor.

Santa in Rockport 2010:

As if it was a tradition that went back centuries Santa Claus came to visit Rockport today. On the way to the harbor:

Time’s a wasting. Santa will be there at 3:45PM

The crowd packs the wharfs in the harbor as Santa’s arrival is just moments away:

Harbormasters Rosemary Lesch and Scott Story lead the way, the Freemantle Doctor with Santa, and the Coast Guard protecting the rear:

It’s SANTA!!! It’s SANTA!! It’s SANTA!!!

The crowd goes wild as Santa pulls into Bradley Wharf:

Santa thanks the skipper Mike Tupper of the Freemantle Doctor for the smooth ride while his mother-in-law Nancy McDowell looks on. (Nancy was the one who convinced us that Rockport was the best place on earth to live.) :

Low tide so Santa needs a bit of a goose up the ladder:

Carolers warm up the crowd as Santa makes his way down Bearskin Neck:

Dock Square is cheek to jowl of children all of which swore they had been nice and not naughty:

Santa’s ride is a vintage 1941 Fire Truck. Why buy new when used will do?

The countdown 3, 2, 1

A burst of light as the tree is lit.

Time to refill the hot toddy mug.

Bodin Historic Open for Ladies’ Night

LadiesNight3932wmWe’ll be open for Ladies’ Night (tonight) from 5pm until about 9pm, with apps and refreshments. Also, we’re fully loaded with all sizes of Fish City and In Cod We Trust tee-shirts. Although I ordered 80 pounds (a lot) of shirts, they’ll go fast – so come in soon. Pictured below are gallery artist Laureen Maher, Santa, and Janet at last year’s Ladies’ Night. 82 Main Street.

Cape Ann Designs Newsletter

Dear Joe

It’s getting close and I hope to see you soon at one of these shows or just give me a call if you need something special.  It’s such a great time of year to reconnect with everyone and these lovely venues make it a colorful experience!
Just a few reminders:
Thursday: The 42nd Annual downtown Gloucester Ladies Night  at the lovely Pop Gallery – 5-10PM.
Friday & Saturday: Shop Rockport evening  4-9 PM & Saturday 10-3 Cape Ann Artisans at the Rockport Art Association.     And did I say food, wine, cider, and great shopping around town too!
Then December 12-13 – the 8th Annual seARTS Holiday Show -Wearable Art & Home Decor at the Saunder’s House at the Sawyer Free Library.   Don’t miss the intimate Opening Reception 5-7 on Friday evening.   On Saturday, we welcome the Chamber Music Players from Rockport High School at 3PM to add some Holiday Cheer!
I hope to see you soon at one of these events or after December 13th, right here in the studio. 

All the very best  to you
and your family –  Jacqueline

16 Artisans at the Rockport Art Association!

18 seARTS Artists at the Sawyer Free Library!

Copyright © 2014 Cape Ann Designs, All rights reserved.

Here’s Your List Of Discounts Available In #RockportMA For Shop Rockport Event

Rockport retailers should all take 30 seconds and whip out a quick thank you for all the hard work Dawn Noble from La Provence has put into this year’s Shop Rockport Event



Hi Joey C & GMG Readers!
There’s tons of great things happening in Downtown Rockport TONIGHT, Friday, December 5th, during our Annual Shop Rockport Event from 4-9pm!  We have 47 shops, galleries & cafes participating in the fun!
Here’s just a small sample of some of the great promotions that will be offered…..
La Provence – 20% OFF Store-wide, double raffle tickets & FREE Shop Small tote with every purchase.  Wine, cheese
& homemade snacks!
Sea Again – 20% OFF store-wide & double raffle tickets & FREE Shop Small tote with every purchase
Bearskin Neck Leathers – 20% Off Dansko shoes and a free gift!
Christmas Dove – Refreshments & drawing for giveaway of a Margaret Furlong angel ornament!
The Pewter Shop – Every $40 spent, you will receive one of our handcrafted Christmas ornaments for free!! (11.95 value) Lots of cookies will be out to snack on too
Camera Corner – 25% OFF all binoculars; 25% OFF Canon, Sony & Nikon batteries and chargers; 25% OFF all memory cards.
John Tarr Store – 20% off Storewide, free gift wrapping
Good Dog Gallery – 20% OF ALL SALES from SHOP ROCKPORT night to be donated to Cape Ann Animal Aid &.Raffle of 3 special items and treats for dogs and people!
Tusinski Gallery – Wintry Pebble Beach Reception & $20.00 2015 Pebble Beach Calendars by Karen Tusinski!
Bean & Leaf Cafe – Raffle for chance to win $25 B&L gift card and stainless travel mug! Also save on gift cards, $5 free for every $20 spent!
Stone Angel Boutique – 15% off of your total purchase and raffle prizes
Tuck’s Candy & Gifts – Free Christmas Tins with the minimum $15 purchase of Candy, specials on Beanie Boos, Jewelry, and more. You can also fill out a FREE raffle ticket to win a Big Teddy Bear!
Tuck’s Candy Factory – 20% OFF store-wide
Sand Castles – B.O.G.O SALE buy clothing item and get the second 1/2 off!
Village Silversmith – 15% off all merchandise at both, & lots of snack, drinks, and fun
The Art Nook – 10% OFF local art and handmade gifts
AliKat – All Clothing 20%-50% OFF
Toad Hall Bookstore – 20% OFF 
We hope to see you in Downtown Rockport!  Tell em’ Joey C sent you!
Dawn @ La Provence
Joelle @ Sea Again