The Bounty of the Sea: and the Perils she brings, A New Book From Andrew Weiner

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Book Description

Publication Date: July 28, 2014

As long as there have been records kept, there have been stories of the sea. Some of the stories have been good and are filled with happiness, others have shown the hard life that the men on the front lines of the fishing industry have and some are so heartbreaking if a man is lost at sea.
Growing up in Gloucester meant fishing and salt water was injected in your blood at birth. Some kids were born with a rod and reel, some were born with trawling nets, others with traps or deep sea rigs. It didn’t matter, you simply knew how to do it. You knew the difference between a jig and a #8 hook and what fish liked clams as bait or sea worms.
You skippered boats with names that were created with an industry in mind, such as a dentist naming a boat “The Impaction. They were named for a mother or father or a nautical term such as Gale Force. Some even had names that were comical such as “Hekawi” as in the tribe in the 60’s sitcom “F-Troop”. It didn’t matter what the name was, because it was yours.
You knew how to pilot any size boat, from an Amesbury skiff, to a Boston Whaler and an Albin cabin cruiser. You knew how to chum the waters and gahf the big one. NYC clam chowda is blasphemy to you, as is Red Lobster and any Lobsta Roll south west of Lobsta Land. It will never be a question of “To fish or not to fish”, but rather “how am I gonna cook it tonight? You have saved many fish from the hazard of drowning in the ocean.
A snow storm that only drops 6” is considered a dusting. If it’s sunny and above 40 degrees, you are in shorts. 60+ degrees is a beach day, and a rain storm means you can have a great day fishing. You hate people that think a 50″+ swell is Hollywood magic, because you may have lived through one. Pneumonia may sideline you, but sea sickness will never. You can hold a beer in one hand and hot dog in the other while doing 30 knots.
You mourned the losses and celebrated victories. It didn’t matter what your background was, you did it all together at Our Lady of Good Voyage. You were there when Cardinals Cushing, Mediros and Law blessed the fleet during every fiesta.
You have played the air guitar at “Old Timers”. You have drank Sambucca, and you are 100% Italian or Sicilian during the last full weekend in June. “Viva San Pietro” rolls off your tongue with ease at the same time.
You are all Gloucestermen, no matter where you settled and what you did, because like riding a bike, you will always remember being a Gloucesterman.

Thank You Community for Sharing ~ Buona Fiesta is a Hit!

Thank you with the deepest appreciation and greatest gratitude to everyone who is helping to make Buona Fiesta! a success. We are receiving beautiful thank you notes from as far aways as Terrasini, Rome, Japan, Korea, and Hawaii. Buona Fiesta! has received over a thousand views in less than a week, which is very gratifying and encouraging, especially in light of the fact that this short film is part of a larger documentary project.

Buona Fiesta! is long, at 17 minutes, for an internet film, and Vimeo is more strict about recording number of views. For example, when a video or film is clicked on YouTube, it is instantly recorded as a view. On Vimeo, the viewer must watch all the way through to the end, or nearly all the way through, for the view to be recorded. The fact that we have so many viewing the film on Vimeo is a true measure of interest.

Thank you to all who work so hard to make Saint Peter’s Fiesta a wonderful and positive event to be shared by all in the community. My most heartfelt thanks again to everyone who appears in the film.

If you enjoyed seeing Buona Fiesta! please copy, paste, and share one of these links with your friends, Facebook friends, and Twitter friends. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!

Buona Fiesta! on GMG:

Buona Fiesta! at Kim Smith Designs:


Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph Community Film Project:


Gloucester summer Cinema -2 ©Kim Smith 2014Goonies is playing Wednesday night. Come on down and join the fun!!


Matt Coogan Aurelia nelson ©Kim Smith 2014 copyMatt Coogan, Summer Cinema organizer, and Aurelia Nelson, from North Shore 104.9 and Summer Cinema MC.

Gloucester Summer cinema ©Kim Smith 2014HarborWalk T-shirt ©Kim Smith 2014 copyHarborWalk T-shirt giveaway!

John McElhenny ©Kim Smith 2014GMG FOB John McElhenny and son Luke

Gloucester free movie night ©Kim smith 2014I heard from Thom and Debbie Falzarano that Markouks makes for a wonderful Summer Cinema dinner!

Gloucester summer Cinema -2 ©Kim Smith 2014

Joey C and BJ Mohan Complete The #IceBucketChallenge For Pete Frates Quest To Wipe Out ALS

Joey C Nominates Eric Lorden, Nick Chareas, and The Rabbit.  BJ Mohan Nominates Michele Donovan, Paul Morrison and His Buddy Will McGuiness.

Y’all have 24 hours to complete it or cough up $100.


Thursday is BIG on Rocky Neck

Three (and a whole lot more, but I’ll just focus on these right now) big things happening Thursday on Rocky Neck. Hobbit House Studio II (aka Khan Studio and the GMG Gallery) will be opening on Madfish Wharf in Gallery 6) – come by and say hi, and all you GMG peeps and FOB’s come by and hang out any time (open Thursday through Sunday noon – 8:00pm). Thursday is the opening of the long awaited Cape Ann Ceramics Festival at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck – don’t miss that. Last but not least, Thursday evening is August Nights on the Neck – see schedule below.


Cape Ann Ceramics Festival kicks off this Thursday, August 7 with Contemplation: Fine Ceramics from Cape Ann and Beyond at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck at 6 Wonson St. Doors open for a First Peek from 5-9pm at Nights on The Neck. There will be live music with Sugar Tones at 6pm. The Opening Reception will be Saturday August 9, 4-6pm. This year’s show features Hideaki Miyamura, courtesy of Pucker Gallery, Ani Kasten, courtesy of Lacoste Gallery, Hayne Bayless, Thomas Hoadley, Jennifer McCurdy, Jeremy Randall and 18 local and regional talented potters. August 7-September 1, Contemplation artists Larry Elardo, Jill Solomon and more will also be exhibiting Outdoor Sculpture at Flatrocks (Lanesville) and Side Street (Rocky Neck) Galleries. Hope you can join us for these and other Festival events. See Cape Ann Ceramics Festival for more info.

cape ann ceramics festival poster copy

August Nights on the Neck – always a great time!

2014 NOTN poster_sm

Great musicians like Johnny Winter and James Montgomery inspire each other

You may know that legendary blues man James Montgomery toured the world for 5 years as featured member of Johnny Winter’s band, so Johnny’s recent passing hit James extra hard.

There’s a special bond among musicians (especially those who tour together) that’s hard to describe.  I’ve never been to war, but the guys I know who have describe a very similar bond among the people in their unit.

Rather than try to describe this bond, I figure the best way to convey it is by demonstrating through music.  Isn’t that what music does anyhow — convey a feeling or circumstance that’s impossible to describe?

Check out this video of James with The Johnny Winter Band in NYC.  Johnny & James don’t even look at each other, but they don’t have to.  Their musical bond holds it all together.

Perhaps, when he kicks off the Celebrate Gloucester Benefit Concert Series on August 22 at Cape Ann Marina’s Waterfront Pavilion, we’ll get James to give us a taste of what it was like to tour with one of the greatest guitarists who ever lived!  Get your tickets NOW before they sell out like Johnny Winter at the Larcom in January.

August at Rockport Music

August At Rockport Music

This August, Rockport Music offers a wide variety of music with The Bad Plus and jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman to pianist Anthony De Mare in a tribute to Sondheim’s music on piano.  In mid-August, the 3rd Annual Rockport Jazz Festival brings such legendary jazz musicians as Kenny Barron and Christian McBride to genre-defying Donal Fox to young jazz artists like drummer Ali Jackson and jazz singer Cyrille Aimée. The month doesn’t end there as we also have many other performers including the Kingston Trio, Tom Rush, Paula Cole and Capitol Steps.

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Blue Cheese Stuffed Green Olives




Blue Cheese Stuffed Green Olives



Click see more for Step-By-Step recipe details and photos

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Swabbing the Deck, Rockport Harbor, circa 1950

US Coast Guard sailors swab the decks on their launch Straightsmouth. The launch was most likely the transport to Straightsmouth Island Light. The 37 foot lighthouse marks the course to Rockport Harbor with its green flashing light. The island is now owned by the Massachusetts Audubon Society.
US Coast Guard sailors swab the decks on their launch Straightsmouth. The launch was most likely the transport to Straightsmouth Island Light. The 37 foot lighthouse marks the course to Rockport Harbor with its green flashing light. The island is now owned by the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Gloucester Celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenger at Cape Pond Ice ?

Scott Memhard submits-

Who is it ? Guess who is the latest Gloucester Celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenger at Cape Pond Ice ?

Who is it ?  Guess who is the latest Challenger raising awareness & funds in the Strike Out ALS – Ice Bucket Challenge Fundraiser at Cape Pond Ice ?
Who is it now, beneath that cascade of ice ???
Hint:  This is a brave local “celebrity” shouting out to friends to promote an important cause…



And,  Andy Ziergiebel, Leo DiMecurio and Peter Couture
this past Sunday….


and on Saturday, Kevin Barrett of Reading at Cape Pond Ice:
Scott Memhard
Cape Pond Ice Company