GloucesterCast With Guest Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/24/14


GloucesterCast With Guest Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/24/14


Topics Include:
Guest Kim Smith, Sea Shanty Clarification,How Great A Guy Pete Souza, The Monarch Migration Prediction and JourneyNorth Monarch App, Chargers Football Having Trouble Fielding A Team, Criticizm of The HarborWalk, Our Weather Guy Pete Lovasco Is ready For The Big Leagues, Seagull Poop, Saint Patrick’s Day Songs, The Ukeladies, Schooner Festival, Kim’s Daughter Has a New Beau,The Dip Test

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Fishing Gear at Milk Island From Adam Bolonsky

Adam submits-

Fishing gear at Milk Island. Milk Island’s a cormorant and blackback seagull nesting ground. Lots of of fishing gear washes up on its lengthy gravel bar running north towards Rockport. By August  adult blackbacks start cannibalizing their young – grabbing fledglings by the neck and drowning them, dragging them ashore to pull them apart.

The lobster gear uses non-floating line, required to prevent whale entanglement and a source of large capital outlay for local lobstermen.

Shot with a home-made OliviaTech jib and a cheap $10 wide-angle lens. The guy who presents the OliviaTech jib is sort of a goofball, but I like his presentation because it leaves no doubt about how to build the jib for about $40.

BAND CAMP/essex Saturday August 23

Saturday afternoon into the night Band Camp presented singers, bands, dogs and more dogs!! In the field of Peter Hoare and Cynthia Sweet in Essex the weather went from gray to great and the party was on.

Sell Out Alert: A Few VIP Seats Left for Henri Smith YMCA Benefit on Friday 8/29 @ Cape Ann Marina’s Waterfront Pavilion (the BIG Tent)

JMB-WillieLast Friday’s James Montgomery show jam packed Cape Ann Marina’s Waterfront Pavilion (the BIG tent next to Mile Marker One) and VIP was sold out. The photo on the right shows how close the VIP seats are to the stage.

Wouldn’t you like to be this close to Henri Smith and his band New Orleans Friends & Flavours featuring Grammy-winning sax & flute player Amadee Castenell?

Henri_postcardYou can still get VIP seats (right here), but they won’t last long.  Plus you’ll be supporting Cape Ann YMCA Camp & Teen Services.

Don’t be one of those people who comes at the last minute and then complains that all the best seats are taken.  DO IT NOW!

Here’s a shot of the VIP section from behind the last row of VIP.
VIP Seating

Isn’t this where you want to be on Friday night to kick off the Schooner Festival?

Check out this video of Henri Smith’s sold out Mardi Gras 2013 concert at the Larcom Theatre in Beverly.


Chargers Football Looking For Players!

I have a request. I have four children that are in football and cheerleading in west gloucester. Unfortunately the team is having trouble getting players to join. My sons team only has 9 players and we need at least 10 to play a game.I was hoping you could help spread the word as I do not believe parents even know about sign ups. There is a $170 cap for a family. This includes uniforms! I would appreciate any help. Parents can sign up at the Gloucester youth program website. Thank you! Courtney Edwards


Roasted Pear & Fig Compote with Crumbled Blue Cheese Crostini




Roasted Pear & Fig Compote with Crumbled Blue Cheese Crostini


Last week Anthony Burnham kindly delivered a bag of pears harvested in his yard here in Gloucester to brother Joey down at the dock. with the attached note ” Hi Joey,

I am harvesting pears from the family homestead tree. I would like to give you a bag for your sister to come up with a baked pear or something pear recipe.
Anthony L. Burnham
After letting the bag of pears ripen a few days I began creating new savory and sweet recipes per Anthony’s request! Anthony I hope you and all our GMG viewers enjoy todays recipe. This is the first of 3 that will be posted this week! IMG_0165




Roasted Pear & Fig Compote

For step-by-Step recipe details click see more

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American Bird in Hand

This is the first time I’ve raised the flag since January. I’m home again with my birds. I have missed them. In this photo, I meant to show my “bullet hole,” but it’s hidden behind my right shoulder. Just as well! Photo, with flawless framing, is by  my friend BirdinHand4667wmDonna Ardizzoni.

Community Photos 8/24/14

Hello there,

My family and I vacation in Gloucester every year, and I stumbled upon your blog after seeing your sticker on someone’s backpack last year.  I very much enjoy all the posts and it helps me be a little less “homesick” for my favorite vacation destination throughout the rest of the year.

I thought I’d share a few photos from our vacation.  We were lucky enough to be on a harbor tour when Nat Geo’s helicopter was filming some Wicked Tuna footage (love that show!)  One photo is of the Pin Wheel in front of Stacy Boulevard.  I didn’t see the Hard Merchandise that day, but the next morning we saw Hard Merchandise heading over to Cape Pond Ice, so I got a photo of my favorite Tuna Boat.  The sunset photo was taken from our Dinner Cruise on the Beauport Princess (which I found out about from your site!)  One of the photos is of a cormorant sitting on the “greasy pole”

I hope you enjoy….feel free to post the photos if you like, just give me credit — that’s all I ask.

Thanks for the blog and Facebook page….I enjoy both…

Have a wonderful evening.

Jessica Huffman

Williamsport PA


Elinor Teele Photo


Gloucester Harbor From Beacon Marine / Photo from Anthony Marks


Hi, Joe, I hope you can use a photo or two to give a plug to our budding Sea Scouts Ship Five stationed at Maritime Gloucester. We are doing our best to establish our Sea Scout Ship providing seamanship skills, community service and character building for young men and women ages 14 to 21. Any questions you can call Tom Balf at Maritime Gloucester.

Anything you can do to help this great cause is really really appreciated.

Thank you,

William Taylor

Sea Scouts at work cleaning up the harbor.