Dory #4 Arrived Safely

Dory #4 was built by youth apprentices last year under the tutelage of boatbuilders Jeff Lane and Graham McKay at Lowell’s Boat Shop and Museum in Amesbury, MA. She arrived in Gloucester Thursday evening after a row over from Woodbridge Island on the Merrimack River. Jack Kulik, 17, one of the apprentice builders, and I rowed her the twenty or so miles to be at the Schooner Fest. The dory is feeling very much at home being currently tied up over at the dinghy dock near the stern of the schooner Adventure. Thousands of Lowell built dories served in the Gloucester Schooner fishing fleet. They were carried on schooner decks and lowered away to fish on the Grand Banks. A big shout out to the amiable Gloucester gig rowers who welcomed us to their table on our arrival! Huzzah! They also assisted by loaning us a trailer with which enabled us to bring over a whaleboat from the Charles W. Morgan whaleship for a dockside exhibit at the Schooner Fest. The whaleboat is at the Heritage Center through Monday. Alice Twombly, Waterfront educator, Lowell’s Boat Shop and Museum

The United States Coast Guard Barque EAGLE’s eagle was carved by local Rockport Marine Architect and Artist, Robert Lee Perry, in 1976

Betsy Works forwards
Hi Joey,

I had the privilege of visiting Rockport Marine Architect and Artist,
Bob Perry, as he was putting the finishing touches of small gold leaf
detail on this enormous and magnificent eagle sculpture which he was commissioned to create for The United States Coast Guard Barque EAGLE.

"The United States Coast Guard Barque EAGLE’s
eagle was carved by Robert Lee Perry in 1976 from
Brazilian mahogany, replacing a fiberglass version;
3340 pounds, thirteen feet long."
(Source: Facebook post by Tim Sullivan Photography)

Cape Ann folks should know we have a great
local connection to The USCG Barque Eagle and see
closely Robert Perry’s "Eagle" masterpiece sculpture


GMG EXCLUSIVE Video: Behind The Scenes of the Schooner Festival Fireworks Show

Here’s a rare look at the incredible two day preparation for the massive fireworks display at the 2014 Schooner Festival.

Thanks to American Thunder Fireworks for granting us access and to Barry Pett for showing us around the staging area at Stage Fort Park.

What an exciting day

Rick and I went on the Thomas E. Lannon on Friday to greet the United States’ Coast Guard Barque Eagle.  First of the all The Lannon is so wonderful and the crew is amazing.  We were out past the Breakwater with the wind and waves.  Must tell all that is one of my favorite days out on the water on  a beautiful Schooner.  We greeted the Eagle with The Lannon’s Cannon going off.  Looking forward to tomorrow and more Schooner Festival.

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Donna & Rick on the Eagle

Donna and Rick on the CG barque Eagle
Around 11AM today. The stern of the CG Eagle. About ten seconds after I took this someone starts hollering from above then Rick and Donna materialized on the stern. Rubber Duck’s big sister, RD got tossed into the drink by grand niece Alice but MOB drills paid off and man overboard was back onboard in less than 30 seconds.

“Beautiful” May Not Do The Eagle Justice

Thatcher, Finn, and I spent a glorious morning touring the United States Coast Barque Eagle.  Gloucester is obviously fortunate to be home to such amazing vessels as The Adventure, The Lannon, and the Ardelle, but…as I explained to my boys…this weekend is like a Red Sox home game in that those ships get to play host to some other fabulous “away team” vessels.

The Eagle being one of them.

I’m not quite sure that “Beautiful” does her justice.

What do you think?

The Eagle is conducting an Open House until 7:00 in the evening. I highly recommend a trip down behind Americold to see her!

Rock the Boat – Benefit for NAMA – November 7th

Hey… Let’s Rock The Boat!

Join us for Rock The Boat, on Friday, November 7, 2014, 6:30-9:30pm at the Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA 02143. This fundraiser is a benefit for Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA),

For almost 20 years NAMA has been rocking the boat! We’ve been shaking up the systems, policies, processes, markets and narratives that are dominating fishery policies and marine conservation. Rock The Boat is NAMA’s first benefit event featuring, art, food, education, and an auction. The evening will be joined by singer-songwriter Chelsea Berry and the Bob Marley tribute band, Hope Road.

Dance to the music of singer-songwriter Chelsea Berry and groove to the tunes of Bob Marley tribute band Hope Road. Enjoy food provided by supportive restaurants and hospitals – yes we said hospitals! – creating delicious bites using regional sea and land food. Snack on vegetarian raviolis rolled out all night by Joe Gatto of “From Scratch” TV. Imbibe on some local beer, wine and healthy sodas. Learn from thoughtful chefs. Take part in a silent auction. Celebrate our living fishing economies. And support our efforts to keep rocking the boat!

If you can’t make it, buy a ticket for someone who can but can’t afford it by checking the “Rock the Boat Without Me!” ticket box. We’ll prioritize distributing those tickets to fishing community advocates.

See you November 7th! Come Rock the Boat with us!

Rock the Boat aims to fund programs in continuing the work of NAMA to:

  • Promote taking control of the seafood in our food system
  • Increase awareness about racial equity, economic justice, and food access
  • Celebrate the work of community-based fishermen everywhere
  • Inform fisheries policy makers about the importance of support for community-based, independent fishermen and their families
  • Advocate for small and medium scale fishermen
  • Support food workers along the entire food chain



Chelsea Berry – A singer and songwriter with incredible edge, power, and finesse.
Enjoy a voice of remarkable power and control with a joyous soul at Rock the Boat!
Hope Road – A tribute band recreating the music, the passion, and the vibe of Bob Marley & The Wailers. Enjoy and embrace with them at Rock the Boat!

Vendor list
Please note: This is only a partial list. More vendors are coming!

Joe Gatto is a private chef, culinary instructor and host of his own killer cooking show From Scratch.


 Johnny’s Luncheonette – Newtown, MA
  ROCKs – Reaching out to cook with kids

Have questions about NAMA’s Rock the Boat!? Contact Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance