Thank You Community for Sharing ~ Buona Fiesta is a Hit!

Thank you with the deepest appreciation and greatest gratitude to everyone who is helping to make Buona Fiesta! a success. We are receiving beautiful thank you notes from as far aways as Terrasini, Rome, Japan, Korea, and Hawaii. Buona Fiesta! has received over a thousand views in less than a week, which is very gratifying and encouraging, especially in light of the fact that this short film is part of a larger documentary project.

Buona Fiesta! is long, at 17 minutes, for an internet film, and Vimeo is more strict about recording number of views. For example, when a video or film is clicked on YouTube, it is instantly recorded as a view. On Vimeo, the viewer must watch all the way through to the end, or nearly all the way through, for the view to be recorded. The fact that we have so many viewing the film on Vimeo is a true measure of interest.

Thank you to all who work so hard to make Saint Peter’s Fiesta a wonderful and positive event to be shared by all in the community. My most heartfelt thanks again to everyone who appears in the film.

If you enjoyed seeing Buona Fiesta! please copy, paste, and share one of these links with your friends, Facebook friends, and Twitter friends. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!

Buona Fiesta! on GMG:

Buona Fiesta! at Kim Smith Designs:


Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph Community Film Project:

3 thoughts on “Thank You Community for Sharing ~ Buona Fiesta is a Hit!

  1. Thanks -Very nice and can tell you put a lot of work and effort on this video…Got to say cheers you up the spirit and celebration memories for sure always in the heart and spirit…:-)Dave & Kim:-)

    P.S. You know I love the music…:-) Tradition the sunset -)


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