Gloucester PD was able to raise $3,770.00 IN Toss Your Boss Challenge

Here’s Chief Campanello-


Hi Joey,
I just wanted to thank your readers and everyone who supported the Special Olympics “Over the Edge” and “Toss Your Boss” Fundraiser this past weekend at the Hyatt Regency in Boston. Gloucester PD was able to raise $3,770.00 and counting. I would like to especially thank our 3 biggest supporters: GORTONS, ST. PETERS CLUB, and PETER AND KATHY COAKLEY. and of course thanks to all who contributed to make this a success.
Scaling down a 23 story building is not my first choice of a Saturday activity. But I can tell you that the money raised was well worth it and the special athletes who were there to cheer you on was a big boost to anyone who was apprehensive. My “toss” went at 1pm and there were several Chiefs from neighboring communities to make sure I knew how high up I was. They also did me the great favor of filling out my “fun facts” sheet (which the event organizers read over a speaker system as you are descending). Because of this, I was able to learn all sorts of new things about myself, such as how I had always wanted to be a firefighter, but was afraid of heights or how I had special place in my heart for puppies and “My little pony”, or best of all, how I had a tattoo on my left calf of Barry Manilow. With friends like this supporting you…how could a Chief go wrong? It was all in good fun and when your dangling 200 ft. above concrete, it was nice to have a chuckle.
Was hoping to have some pics for you…haven’t got them yet. Much thanks to all who contributed.
Leonard Campanello
Chief of Police
City of Gloucester, MA

2 thoughts on “Gloucester PD was able to raise $3,770.00 IN Toss Your Boss Challenge

  1. Sounds like Chief Campanello will do anything for a fund raiser. How about we all chip in five bucks apiece and he gets the Barry Manilow tattoo if we raise $5,000? Or does he really already have one?


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