As Published in National Geographic July 1953

10 - Copy“Let him who knows not prayer go to sea”

“Devout Portuguese fishermen of New England’s old port of Gloucester Massachusetts, who daily face the dangers of deep water, well know the truth of that old proverb. These men who wrest a hard living from the sea rely on Our Lady of Good Voyage, as well as chart and compass. And once a year, in early June, the vessels of Gloucester’s Portuguese fleet gather at the State Fish Pier to be blessed.”


Below are photos from the same; showing the Blessing of the fleet in 1953.

Times have changed.




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One thought on “BLESSING OF THE FLEET 1953

  1. We were a different mind set then with God, Family And Country our guide. As a silicilian with an aunt married to a Portagues man as a boy we celebrated with them as they celebrated with us on St. Peter’s. Our fleets were large and very competitive! Thousands of seafood workers were the bloodforce of City. Today we are a leaner fleet that has changed to survive in a world of diamanics changing patterns of fish stocks, people, government rules and appetite of the American people. But fear not for Man will go down to the Sea as long as life is in his breath.


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