Thursday night blues party @ The Rhumb Line with Dave Sag’s and his special guest is Chris”Stovall” Brown 8-11


Dave says,

It’s a busy one, so let’s get goin’!
This Thursday at the Rhumbline I’m proud to present the one  and only Chris “Stovall” Brown. Born of Titans, raised by wolves and lowered by hydraulics, Mr. CB is up there on the top of the blues world, having toured with the likes of James Cotton or is Jerry Portnoy?  Who can remember? He sings, he plays killer guitarrh, he’s a blast! I love working with him! Gush, gush gush. Now add the cracklings of that sartorially-challenged eggbeater, Mr. Steevee Chaggaris, and myself, and see what our special musically enhanced interrogation techniques can do for you!


Click to  the link to visit Chris Stovall Brown’s website

And Saturday nite, I’ll be at Captain Carlo’s flailing away with the HooDoo Revelator Band, playing all your top  forty or fifty favorite blues tunes at extremely high volume. I’m gonna wear earplugs, you should, too. But seriously, it’ll be fun to dance to.
Now Sunday,from 6 to 9, for something completely different, I’ll be at Glenn’s Cool Bar in Nbpt. with the marvelous vocallist Ms. Mari Martin. It’s Mother’s Day! Come celebrate. I get tired of repeating myself, but there’s a whole other world over that bridge, and you oughta czech it out. It’s an awesome  restaurant, just ran into Glenn hisself at Nordstrom Rack, looking for size 14’s.

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