Bagpipes in Gloucester

Bruce Campbell was playing the pipes for a wedding at St. Ann’s Church. He was standing out front by Pleasant Street, and I could hear his music down by City Hall on Dale Avenue!  I’m no expert on the topic, but it seems to me he really knows his instrument. It sounded beautiful.

– Fr. Matthew Green


8 thoughts on “Bagpipes in Gloucester

  1. I would like to have the opportunity to speak/meet with Bruce I am putting together a Flag Day program at the Elks in Glouceseter and would love to have a local Bagpiper there!!!


  2. We do have another excellent local bag-piper in town. Back around the middle sixty’s Fr. Crowley of the former St. Peter’s Church on Saywood Street go up a pipe and drum band for the local youth that went over well but lack of funding, etc. took it’s toll. Like the message often heard, “If my call reaches just one person…” well she is still here and for hire I understand although I don’t know if she still has the band she started she has been at it for at least 45 maybe closer to 50 years. I’ve heard her often. and she is a fine piper. Her name is Cindy but I don’t want to violate her rights of privacy. I know the family has computers so let’s hope she picks up on this and enriches us with one more of our long standing but seldom recognized cultural heritages.


    1. Thanks!!! It sure would be wonderful Or if someone out there knows Cindy please let her know why her ears may be ringing!


      1. Brenda, if you want to get in touch with her I suggest you send me your E-mail address, You have my name and I live in Beverly and am doing this strictly out of friendship to her and her family, he brother and I are quite close, I even introduced him to his wife must be about 40 years ago, married on my birthday too. So there is no other ulterior motive, my family still lives in Gloucester and chances are you know at least one of them. Hope to hook you guys up.


  3. could I have her email if she is for hire too!! We are looking for a piper for burns night next year at a girls school and a female piper would be an inspiration…………


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