Shooting Windows from Len Burgess

Getting a lot of different ice crystal formations on my old windows with this frigid weather. –LB


Only Nature Could Produce Something This Beautiful.

22 thoughts on “Shooting Windows from Len Burgess

  1. Hi Len, I met you at the Harold Burnham party over the weekend. Looked for the window frost and found it very difficult to located on GMG. I love all these pics, but # 3 from the top really looks like ice angels. It was very nice to have met you. Now I will enjoy following your photography on these pages more, having a face to put with the photos. 😉


  2. Thx! These are amazing! They remind me of some magical visits from Jack Frost when I was a child! One of the few benefits of this frigid weather– beautiful surprises! Thx again. . .


  3. Thanks EJ, –no, they’re between the inside window and on the old storm windows. The other day just as I was in the process of photographing some of the windows a young man came to the door to sell me new combination windows. I guess you can guess what I told him. -Len


  4. ..LOve these frost pictures and to quote my Mother in Law, Jean Brown, from Manchester, MA… “No two are ever alike”…. so true Jean… so true.. RIP… (she was a great one for “famous” quotes like that… only famous to her family!! :))


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