PSA- In This Day of Cell Phone Cameras Try To Think Horizontal

Straight out of the Ed Collard School of Video-

No joke in the past week I’ve received video footage from no less than 5 people who have  held their cell phones or regular cameras vertically while they take video.

I guess it’s because people are used to taking cell phone pictures vertically but to upload  video to something that is  watchable you need to think about keeping your camera horizontal.

This one was ok in that it’s viewable (and I appreciate people sending stuff in believe me I’m just trying to get folks to know how to do it a bit better), but would have been a whole lot better horizontally so when uploaded to YouTube you would have a full frame of video instead of the black bars on the sides.

Sent in by Michael Oppelt –

Can’t believe my luck when walking my dogs down on Davis Neck in Gloucester MA, my boys discovered a dolpin/porpoise? swimming in shallow water at a nearby inlet. Here’s a video I took with my Android phone taken close to sunset over the Ipswich Bay.


Niece Amanda Interviews Ed A Couple Weeks Ag0.  this one is taken with a regular camera held vertically.  My guess is that Amanda is thinking like a cell phone while taking the video-

An unnamed source submits this video of the lobster trap tree lighting

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