Ginormous Whale Carcass Washes Up On Penzance Road Rockport October 20th

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Could this be the Finback  that they lost in Boston on October 15th- story October 15th,2012-

Dead finback whale in Boston Harbor drifts out to sea, officials say

The dead finback whale that has been drifting through Boston Harbor made a brief visit to the shores of Georges Island over the weekend before floating back out to sea, officials said.

As of Monday morning, the 50-foot whale “appears to have washed out of channel out to sea,” said SJ Port, spokeswoman for the Department of Conservation and Recreation. She said the high tides and westward winds helped moved the animal’s remains out of the harbor area and they currently cannot be located.

After the whale carcass had washed up on Georges Island, which is under the jurisdiction of the conservation department, officials there began putting together plans to dispose of the remains, Port said.

“It’s like a reverse lottery. It can be a big cost for whoever that property belongs to,” she said.

Preliminary figures estimated the whale’s removal to cost about $30,000, and because it is an endangered species, removal efforts must be approved by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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