Roger Torre Represents! In Yellowstone

Hi Joey,

Just returned from a trip to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons with my brother (one of the pics) – the place is incredible – and just makes you respect the power of Mother Nature. Attached are just some of photos taken. There are pictures of bison, elk and a bear in their natural environment – along with landscapes and geysers and thermal pool – with a short video of a geyser. Hopefully you will post them on GMG

Roger Torre


4 thoughts on “Roger Torre Represents! In Yellowstone

  1. I had the immense pleasure of visiting Yellowstone and will never forget the how spectacular it is there. I saw moose as you did and bison along with some crazy looking black and blue birds that are related to crows. Your photos are great. They made me pull out my own album to reminisce. I hope to go back someday with my GMG sticker of course!


  2. We were at Yellowstone Old Faithful Geyser for exactly 45 minutes 10 years ago and were lucky enough to see Old Faithful go off 🙂 Yellowstone and Jackson Hole/Grand Tetons are spectacular. Looking forward to going back again!


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