Tha Lobstah in Glostah

Hi Joey,

My friend Albert and I are the guys who came by your dock several weeks ago on an old motorcycle and interviewed you.  I wanted to let you know that the interview is now online at:

Thanks again for taking the time to talk with us. I hope you enjoy the episode, and I hope the rest of your summer has been great!



Here’s the thing about the guys that did this video.  They obviously had an agenda that they wanted to associate anything they could with Global warming.

Maybe Geno really felt this way but I’m not sure how you can extrapolate one year where we have an abnormally mild  winter and spring with a trend.  Because how would you explain winter before last when there was so much cold and snow we were running out of places to put it.  We don’t talk about the extreme colds I guess because that wouldn’t fit in with their piece.


3 thoughts on “Tha Lobstah in Glostah

  1. I was disappointed with the video. I felt like they were trying to get you and Gino to support their belief in global warming by pretending to interview you about lobsters. It left me with a bad taste. I hope I’m wrong.


    1. I just ignored that part and found Joey’s explanation about why there is an abundance of lobsters this year very interesting.

      Climate change is a more accurate description for world-wide fluctuations in weather. We are experiencing a warming cycle, whether caused from external forcing mechanisms such as changes in solar output, or anthropogenic factors, as in changes in greenhouse gas concentrations (for example, the increase in CO2 levels due to emissions from fossil fuel combustion), or a combination of both, we will see extremes in climate, both colder and warmer extremes.


  2. I got the same impression John. Joey was impressively evasive, dodging and weaving, and not getting trapped by the reporter. Gino was honest, and spoke for most of us, as we just go with it, global warming or not. Why come to Gloucester, which is so diverse and interesting, and ask the same questions in their only two interviews? From a photojournalist and writer: Lame, even if there was no predetermined agenda.


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