Isn’t Niles Pond gorgeous? The above photo I posted on Sunday; the pond looks especially pristine and sparkly in the snow and ice.

The following day GMG follower and Eastern Point resident Daniel D. wrote to say “It does look beautiful, and as a Resident of Eastern Point, I love when others can share in the beauty of our neighborhood. Unfortunately, the picture for today should be all the cans, boxes, and trash left behind by these people when they finished skating that day, all glaringly standing out as the snow melts in that exact spot… Hopefully they read this comment and then quickly come and clean it up before the ice melts this week and it all sinks to the bottom of our lovely pond. I’m Just Saying….”

Hey guys—it looked as though you were having a great time, but then had to leave very suddenly—with trash, half a dozen pucks, and even a shovel left behind. Perhaps there was an emergency—whatever the case—could someone who was playing hockey at Niles on Sunday please come and clean up the mess. I picked up much, of what I could reach, but the embankment is muddy and slippery and you will need tall waders to reach the plastic bottles and shovel. Thank you for your consideration.

As Daniel D. correctly stated, all the trash is going to sink to the bottom. Many species of waterfowl dive for vegetable matter and the seeds, stems, roots, and bulbs of submerged aquatic plants. They can easily became entangled in trash. The last shot of the bird’s nest is meant to symbolize the pond’s fragility.

Clip of the stunning Northern Pintail (Anas acuta) at 3 minutes 45 seconds.

11 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. Time get a One Hour at a Time Gang over there… We need to say to people, please pick up. Yesterday on Magnolia Beach, someone dropped a cigarette butt and I went up to him and told him to please pick up the butt and surprise he did…
    Thanks for the post


  2. Donna I love to help out but I don’t have waders!!! You know I’d be there! I’ve got a few areas on my radar for the spring/summer.


  3. Daniel, Niles Pond has great pond designation, which means it is held by the state for PUBLIC use. Agreed the litter is unacceptable, however, the pond is not owned by you or your neighbors.


    1. There was no where in my comments that stated that We owned the pond. I talked about my neighborhood, and OUR pond in the context of everyone. A couple of thoughts here “Anonymous”. I don’t understand why you felt it necessary to try and make a point that I or my neighbors don’t own the pond. Most people who take that kind of stand are people who have a deep seated resentment of others, especially of the perceived wealth of others. This was about the callousness of others not respecting a natural resource and leaving it the way they found it after enjoying it. Just so you know, I’m a renter here on the Point, drive a Hyundai, and I am probably the only one with multiple large tattoos,& work a 9-5 job, but I still consider it my neighborhood and have pride in it. If I was to say please pick up the trash in my neighborhood that you left on our Boulevard, or at Stage Fort Park by the ice-cream place, would you have tried to correct me and remind me anonymously that the state owned that as well? I personally hope nobody decides to play street hockey near your home, and leave trash all through the bushes and public areas near you, but if they did, I’m sure you would be singing a different tune.. Enough Said…


    1. Show me the back peddling Anonymous… Point still is that People trashed the pond, and you still are making it about you and your need to feel good in trying to seem smart. And your Still hiding behind computer anonymously.. lol.



  4. My friend Lisa writes:

    Hi Kim: I just watched your Niles Pond video and loved it. I wish it was just flagrant product placement for Bud, Poland Springs and Crystal Geyser.
    I walk to Stage Fort Park often, to enjoy being with nature and find similar detritus, especially of the Dunkin Donuts variety!


  5. We all have an obligation to clean up after ourselves; Daniel I am glad that you spoke up and anonymous you should be ashamed of yourself for even commenting, your blatant disrespect only shows your ignorance.


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