Specials At Espresso Today!

Espresso is FOB Kurt and Dani Lubber’s Favorite Gloucester joint to eat.

Dani gave me crap because she says I don’t give them enough love so here you go!

Speaking with Annette when I just picked up my lunch she told me that Thursday night they are doing a fresh lobster casserole with dessert for $15 which people have been raving about.

3 thoughts on “Specials At Espresso Today!

  1. The family hit Espresso on Sunday afternoon and all was delish as usual. Daughter had that Prime Rib Panini. I had my standard bowl of seafood chowder which was so rich and creamy. My Blue Moon with orange slice was a perfect complement to the chowder.

    They even had a nice toasty large fire burning on the TV screen in the dining room. It was fascinating trying to figure out when it looped. (About 12 minutes.)


  2. Whoop whoop!!!!!!! LOVE Espressos!!! We even had the CG xmas party there! The bar is the best place to be! I don’t have that “out of place” feeling there. I’m absolutely in love with the lobster casserole. Kurt’s fav is the Cripple Cove Club burger. Can’t go wrong with the $5 pitchers of PBR either. Joey – I’ll take pictures of my meal next time we go….like tomorrow. I swear we’re there more than we should be.


  3. Ps….
    The mac and cheese is amazing too! I want to say they throw some type of spice in there that just makes it more amazing than mac usually is.


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