Cynthia Hill Shows Off Some of Her First Photos From The Sony I Recommended For Her

Cynthia writes-

Thanks to Joey……

Love it, still haven’t a clue but will have fun learning…

Please see attached – shooting directly into the sun shows the curvature of the earth! How cool is that? Great of David as well!!!

Yeah I know it was on panoramic…couldn’t get rid of it!

Thank you so much.


click the photos for larger versions


Here’s the camera I recommended for her-


The price has come down some.  I paid $359 for mine two months ago.

Here’s my recommended camera list-

GMG Tech Talk- Revising My Recommended Camera List

3 thoughts on “Cynthia Hill Shows Off Some of Her First Photos From The Sony I Recommended For Her

  1. Joey,The Sony 9V is the best camera I have owned or used Thank you,I’m still learning it but awesome again, Thanks and you know what I paid..Jerrry


  2. Funny I should toon/tune in to goodmorninggloucester this evening…..nice/beautiful pictures cindy…..been lookin for a new sony and i may make the extra $100 splurge this time…….presume u r at chips home……….by the way cindy/cynthia…..thx for the turn on to GMG….love it…….
    mucho kudos to joey from florida


  3. Thanks, I was on Amazon last night ordering a Kindle Fire and also wanted to get a video camera when I remembered GMG Joey approved products. I did send you an email about which camera you recommend and here in all the great camera info on the blog today.
    Thanks again!!
    PS I start every day with GMG


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