Official Statement From Mayor Kirk Regarding Rebuilding The Greasy Pole

I reached out to Mayor Kirk this morning for a statement about the greasy pole.
Here is her response.

The Greasy Pole will be rebuilt. I have already met with members of the Fiesta Committee this morning and assured them the city will be their partner. It will take a community effort though. We need the Fiesta Committee, the Waterways Board and the city to all step up to the financial challenge. The Greasy Pole represents a tradition and culture that we cherish in Gloucester, and we won’t let it vanish.

Regards, Carolyn Kirk Mayor

6 thoughts on “Official Statement From Mayor Kirk Regarding Rebuilding The Greasy Pole

  1. Thank you, Mayor Kirk! You have my support and my vote. I will definitely contribute in any way that I can. We should plan a big fundraiser!



    1. A fund raiser is a great idea! The Greasy Pole has been cut up into pieces. How about a raffle or just straight out sell pieces of the pole? I bet a lot of people- especially past winners would love to own a piece of it.


  2. II LOVE MY CITY!!Great comments I think selling or raffling off pieces of the pole would be huge id pay a nice chunk a change for my piece.. Marty The Kid Behsman


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