Gloucester Zen- Loading Bait Aboard the Degelyse

3 thoughts on “Gloucester Zen- Loading Bait Aboard the Degelyse

  1. hello there Joey!

    just wonderin’:
    a: how to pronounce Degelyse?
    b: love the new search catagories. BUT: ugly, stinking, rotten fish is not on there. spent yesterday afternoon looking for all of those old fish pics and can’t find them. did find your pics of huge fishlips.

    and a request to gmg community: if anyone has any really super underwater pictures of Gloucester fish, urchins, seaweed, barnacles,, etc. that i might use for biological reference for new paintings of fish, I would love to see them! i will not copy the pictures, i just use them for reference. i have 10 new paintings to produce within 2 months. help appreciated.




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