Video Matt Billy Installing 1979 Sabb G in Danish Double-Ender Project in Gloucester, MA

Matt Billy Writes-

Video of me lifting my Sabb G into my Danish double-ended cutter project, Jette. I live on the island called Cape Ann and I am building this boat in the town of East Gloucester, Massachusetts. I have been building boats for 15 years.

Mug Up July 31

We had a great Mug Up this Sunday.  Linda Colman, FOB from Ann Arbor, MI came by with Bill Heckencamp and Jane Gibbs from Newburyport.  Charity Ciaramitaro came bearing warm bagels and cream cheese, and showed us her first paintings and some of her photography (the first she had shown them to anyone – it is a great honor to be the first to see someone’s work, and it was wonderful – she has a great eye).  Schooner Adventure’s Peter Souza stopped by bearing a CD gift of sea songs by John Roberts.  The Boss was here as was Thom Falzarano, Ed Collard (who brought some glazed “walnuts” to taunt Paul “Paulie Walnuts” Frontiero with), Paul and Kathy Frontiero brought themselves and brownies with “walnuts”, R.D., Paul and Sue Morrison (who made some awesome zucchini bread from the monster zuccini in their garden – see R.D. pictured with it, the bread, not the monster zuccini), Ruth brought a cool fruit salad and Winslow came bearing blueberry muffins.  Greg Bover was back for a visit from his organ installation at Harvard and arrived in his sailboat.  I made my famous coffee and deviled eggs (in spite of the previous day’s egg explosion event).  Everyone had a great time and no one left hungry.

E.J. Lefavour

Old Anchor Estimated From the 1800’s For Sale

Dave Jewell aboard the Lady J got this anchor snarled up with one of his lobster trawls.  he brought it to the industrial boom over at the State fish pier where they hauled it off and now it sits at the top of our driveway here at Captain Joe and Sons.  It stands about 6 feet tall and many people like to use them in front of a seafood restaurant or business.  if you are interested in it, Dave is willing to sell it.  Let me know.


Kim Smith Tapes Butterfly Show with Lisa Smith and Cape Ann TV’s After-the-Beach Teen Video Club

Kim writes-
I believe I mentioned that this past week, Lisa Smith and her Cape Ann TV After-the Beach Teen Video Club stopped by for a tour of my garden. Here’s a short clip, with a wonderful surprise visit by the friendly Question Mark butterfly, who very conveniently, stole the show.

The teens and Lisa did a great job and all very much enjoyed the beautiful creatures that flew in and out of our story. It is not easy to focus on tiny subjects using a heavy camera attached to a tripod. The full video of the garden tour and interview will air in the near future and we will keep you posted.

Gloucester Times Reporter Steven Fletcher Tweets That Birdseye Was Purchased For 6.5 Million

Read his Tweet here-


#Birdseye #Gloucester Jim Davis owner of New Balance buys Birdseye from developer Mac Bell for $6.5 million. Bell bought it for $2.25mil.


Joey writes-

My guess is that for that sum of money it would include more property than just the Birdseye Property, but that is only my uniformed guess.  look for Steven’s Story In the Gloucester Daily Times Tomorrow

Rocco the Rotweiler Represents at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery

Richie Baressi from Manchester, NH loves Good Morning Gloucester.  His best friend Rocco does too.  Richie’s mom lives in Gloucester, so he visits here regularly, and he ends every day on a happy note when GMG arrives in his inbox.  You too can end your day on a happy note by subscribing to Good Morning Gloucester so it will come right to your inbox every evening.  To subscribe, go to:

E.J. Lefavour


Hi, Joey!
Did you like Greasy Pole, The Musical? Well, The Annie & Henry Allen TheatreWorks has done it again!
Here is the official poster (reflecting our NEW steampunk look!) for
The 1st Annual TRAGABIGZANDA Political Theatre Festival
opening this coming Friday, August 5th. 7:00pm showtime, plus matinees on the Sundays.
Pay at the Box Office: – RESERVATION HOTLINE 978-704-1269
LOCAL BUSINESSES: Get your ad in our Playbill by Monday, August 1st.
Price sheet is here:
Thanks for supporting your local arts scene!

Poster Final Hi Res

One Week Only We Will Accept Yoga/Wellness/Fitness Submissions

This week and this week only GMG will be accepting Health/Wellness submissions as part of GMG Health/Wellness week.   Get your submissions in this week and I will run ONE POST for your organization- note this is only for this week and then we will close the health wellness publicity machine down til next January so get them in for submission.  (try to make them creative along the lines of what the fabulous Treetop Yoga did by incorporating some Gloucester settings, locations or fun into your submission.  YouTube videos are a great way to get your point across.  Make ONE video and send me the URL and I’ll run that for you.  You have til Thursday to get me something.   email your submission to

No excuse if you miss the deadline, no excuses if you didn’t see this post in time (you should be dissecting every square inch of the blog every day anyway so shame on you if you missed it) Smile

One Week and One Week Only!

Use the Treetop Yoga Post as a guide to what I mean by making it creative and not simply an ad for your joint

The Boss

Top Dog, Dog

I think Top Dog is becoming my favorite place for fried clams on Cape Ann. Their fried clams are very light, crispy and flavorful, the dogs are awesome too. It’s a great place for yummy summer food, people watching and taking a break from Bear Skin Neck shopping.

The Man’s Best Friend Hot Dog (chili & cheese) and Fried Clams at Top Dog in Rockport. 


1951 GHS Baseball Tean (Old Photos) with Names

Front Row Left to Right: Nate Ross (Coach), Don Amero, Conrad “Bunny” Vitali, Cy Perkins, (Philly), Fran Kennedy, Ed Welch, Leroy Call

Back Row Left to Right: “Buddy” Twoney, “Bump” Osman, Wally Powers, “Hoppy” Vanna, Samuel Moceri, Dan Harris, Jim Witham, John Hammor, “Sonny” Layton, Win Story, David Cox

 Some of the people in the background Indentified:

Lois Souza, Hogan Garassi, Roberta ?, Louie Norton, Mary Azevedo

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Two Entries for The Downtown Gloucester Block Party Poster Contest Helen Lind and Linda Cordner- The Vote Ends Tomorrow Morning At 5AM

H.A. Lind-

Hi Joey:
I could not resist your challenge of a new design for the Block Party poster
for three (very serious) reasons:
• I miss Glosta soooo much.
• I lived/worked in 3 apartments in Kirk Noyes wonderful 92 Main Street building downtown,and
• I just miss everything Gloucester, especially downtown!!!
Yes – I am passionate about downtown!
You will notice my design reflects these interests!
Many Thanks to you and all of your contributors for helping me to maintain my sanity –
in spite of our 3000 miles of separation!!!
Best regards,
H. A. Lind
aka. HelannaBanana
;  )


and below Linda Cordner-

Rockport Class of 1961 50th Reunion from Donna and Jack King

Rockport Class of 1961 50th Reunion was held at the Cafe Sevens Seas, Gloucester House July 2, 2011, with a Dinner Buffet.  There was a “Memorabilia” table with pictures and mementos, music of the era, and a  booklet for class members.  There were also gifts from the Rockport High School Alumni.  Class members attended from California, Florida, Tennessee, New York, and New England, as well as Cape Ann & Rockport.  It was a fun evening!!

Rockport 50th Reunion Committee Members

Rockport 1961-The “Pigeon Covers” Class Members

Rockport 1961-The “Downtowners & South Enders” Class Members

Rockport 1961 50th Reunion all attending Class Members