Sorry for the profanities but it’s not to often the Frontiero’s win anything! Mike may not consider himself  a “Frontiero” but he is. His mom, Cathy “Frontiero” Spiro Is from the “FORT.” Hope they find happiness in this crazy life. Goodluck Mike and Sam! From your Mom’s Hometown!!!

Annisquam Light photos and Historic Icehouse Tours for a rainy day

Scott Memhard writes-

Hi Joey – this photographer Bill Downey was down here at the ice co Saturday pm taking some pix, and looking for locations for a LaSalle college photography class project.  He said feel free to post his Annisquam lighthouse photos to GMG if you’d like.

We were slammed with "rainy day" tours here at the icehouse today.  Offered at 9:30, 11 am and 2 pm.

Best, Scott
Scott Memhard, President



My Cousin from the left Coast, Cathy Frontiero Spiro (formally of the Fort!) informs me her Handsome Son Mike (aren’t all Frontiero Men Handsome?) has made it to the Season Finale of “Love in the Wild” http://www.nbc.com/love-in-the-wild/video/season-finale-preview/1347239

Hi, Cousin Paulie–
Tonight is the season finale of ‘Love in the Wild’ (ten pm on NBC) where my son Mike is one of the final contestants.
Hope you get to see this episode.  We are so excited and can’t wait to see the results.  Go Mike and Sam!!

Also, please tell Joey that I loved the new camera’s 16 minute video of his drive from the wharf in E. Glou to Essex –now, how about shooting the same drive from the ‘right’ side of the truck!!? We need fair and balanced coverage. Also appreciated the heartwrenching blog on storm survivor (Cousin Joe Marcantonio, ‘Starbound’) dedicated to our many fishing family and relatives –such a  well-done piece!
Sending some warm rays and good Cali weather to all you right Coasters–
Cousin Cathy from California

Check it out if you have nothing to do on the waterfront tonight!

Mike Spiro “His mother’s a Frontiero!”


Kathleen Valentine is the Author of the Week this week on Tracey Allen’s World

Gloucester novelist and writer Kathleen Valentine is the Author of the Week this week on Tracey Allen’s World.


Tracey Allen’s World is a popular blog that introduces new and independent authors every week. The feature contains an interview in which Kathleen discusses how writers finds a niche that fits as well as her books on knitting, a memoir/cookbook abut growing up Pennsylvania Dutch, novels, and short stories. You can read the interview and book synopsis on the blog.

Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line to host Ricky “King” Russell

Thursday – 9:00 to 12:00 ~ Dave Sag’s Blues Party

Well, will surprises never cease? This Thursday I’m proud to present The debut of the one and only Mr. Ricky “King” Russell to our stage at the Rhumb Line. In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock, this is a big deal. Ricky is the most premier Blues practicizer in the whole New England Scene. Glitarist, vocalist, and frontman, this cat does it all with aplomb and panache. Haven’t seen him in years and now our paths collide again! Sparks will fly!
  The man responsible for this is the auteur drummnambulist, Mr. Edd Scheer, one of our personal faves. He’s hipped me to the coolest cat that is what am, and I believe it. He’ll be beating those eggs and slinging words all over the place. Of course, Greg T. and myself will be there, too, filling out the wasteline. You snooze, you lose. Make a date! and come early  for Fred and Troop’s Cajun surprise menu.
  And this Sunday, it’s the Ipswich musical mind melt, once again, as Mr. Mark Earley fastens electrodes to  the likes of Tom Palance on trumpet, Roomful ‘o Blues keyboard wizard Travis Colby, and Myself on the stage of Stone Soup for another great night of musical mayhem. I can’t wait!  Make your reservations now cuz the place fills up fast! Rheumer has it that many katz and kittenz in the jazz and blooz scene are ripe and comin’ down for your glistening pleasure, so, tie yourself to the mast and have a ball. Hours 6 to 9. Don’t be ell- seven!


Plein Air Painting with David Curtis


Plein Air Painting with Artist David Curtis

Last week I noticed about twelve people out in my neighbors yard painting a scene of a beautiful model dressed in white set against their Garden. I asked David if I could take some photos for the blog, he thought that woud be great. and explained how this was a 5 day intensive workshop of “Painting Figures in the Garden”.

David has more workshops planned and he also has a class every Saturday at The Cox Resevation in Essex that is a great deal. Check them out by clicking this link below.


Here are a few photos from that Workshop;

David giving tips to one of his students



The Ramparts, Commodore Rouse, and the Schooner Niagara

The Ramparts, Eastern Point, circa 1900 Anonymous/ @Fredrik D. Bodin

 Schooner Niagara, Eastern Point, circa 1898 Phelps/ @Fredrik D. Bodin

The Ramparts was built in 1896 on Eastern Point (Gloucester, MA) by Commodore Henry Rouse of Cleveland. Rouse was a railroad tycoon and commodore of the Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht Club of New York. In 1898, Rouse was visited by financier Howard Gould, the ninth richest man in America, on his Schooner Niagara. In the photo, Niagara sails off Eastern Point, with The Ramparts visible between the jib and the bowsprit. Ladies and gentlemen enjoy the outing, probably with Rouse aboard, and the man with the top hat just aft of the mainmast likely robber baron Gould himself.
Printed archivally from a scan of the original. Image # AD07-002 (Ramparts) and AD07-001 (Niagara)

Fred  Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Sean Hurley inks a copper plate etching for printing at his studio at Beacon Marine Basin

Adam Bolonsky reports-

Sean Hurley, local artist at work in his studio at Beacon Marine Basin, just one of many artists’ beehives located throughout Gloucester, opens up his studio to Good Morning Gloucester.

Watch while Sean runs the first step in printing a large-sized copper plate etching: inking the etched copper plate.

The print Sean has created is far larger than 11″x17″.

And, attention, Gloucester and Rockport gallery owners! Sean has representation in New York, but none on Cape Ann!

What’s New in Jenna’s Garden? Week 9

What’s New in Jenna’s Garden?

Jenna Howard headshot

Pleasant Street resident Jenna Howard is providing updates on the peppers, squash and other vegetables growing in her plot at the new Burnham’s Field Community Garden. The reports and photos will allow GoodMorningGloucester viewers to follow the garden’s progress with a weekly answer to the question, “What’s New in Jenna’s Garden?”

By Jenna Howard

Week Nine

"It was a sad week in my garden. What was once a healthy, hardy pumpkin is now no more. In just a few days my pumpkin went from a 5 foot long, flourishing green vine to a mess of wilted brown and yellow leaves. All that is left is a greenish-yellow pumpkin that is about 6 inches in diameter. The pumpkin itself actually looks like it is on its way to being a big orange Jack-o-lantern! But unfortunately, from the looks of it, I’m sad to say it is dying. Even more upsetting is the fact that at this point in the season it is too late to grow another pumpkin in time for Halloween as pumpkins typically take 95 days to mature. Well, I guess there’s always next year! But what could have happened to my pumpkin?!"


Not CSI… CMI Comedy Mystery Interactive Where Comedy and Mystery Interacts

For Tickets: Call 978-879-9293

OR   Email: japepayette@hotmail.com

***Tickets must be purchased in advance-Seating Limited***
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2011 Schedule Summer


Onboard Gloucester’s The Privateer

Saturday July 30th SOLD OUT!!!

Saturday August 27th   7-10 pm

The Privateer – Gloucester Harbor

63 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

$49.95 plus tax…includes dinner, show, and boat ride.

Bar and Dancing Available!



At historic Gloucester House Restaurant

Saturday September 24th   7-10pm

Saturday November 19th   7-10pm

The Gloucester House Restaurant

63 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

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Bar and Dancing Available!

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