A Grand Visit- FOB Linda Colman Has Some Nice Things To Say

Hi Joey!  I’m back in Michigan after having had a fantastic (but too brief) visit to MA.  The highlight of my trip was the July 31st "Mug Up" at EJ’s studio and GMG Gallery.  You, Ed, Paul M., Paul F., and everyone else in attendance provided me with a warm and enthusiastic welcome.  I felt right at home.  Jane Gibbs, my brother Bill and I tried in vain to attend the Thursday Aug. 4th "Night on the Neck" but couldn’t find a parking spot anywhere!!!  We had no idea how well attended it would be and it looks as though we missed a terrific evening.  I am more certain than ever that living in Gloucester is in my future.  Thanks to you and everyone from GMG for helping make my trip so much fun!  Linda Colman

Neal Nolan, Lynn Nolan, Kaitlyn Nolan, Renee Nolan from Austin, TX represent with Polly Barbaro of Austin and Rockport.  Polly grew up in Manchester and bought her aunt’s house in Rockport a few years back so she can spend June through September back home on Cape Ann.  She is a devoted FOB.

E.J. Lefavour


I’ll take responsibility

I was wrong to assume that because I predominantly write our hyperlocal blog for our Cape Ann residents that people would understand how preposterous the notion that you could have time to move all the lobster gear even if they knew where the lobsters were released and to set it and for those lobsters which were probably miles away from that location would ever get caught.

I was obviously wrong and people did not understand with the outlandishness of it all that it was a joke.

It’s on me.

What I am happy for is that the releasing of the lobster story which would have been a simple story largely forgotten by now has gotten huge legs and all the positives of Buddhism are highlighted. For that I am grateful.

For those of you who would like to learn more about Chokhor Duchen click to find out.

You know the craziest part? So many people think I’m hatin on Buddhism, but I download a Buddhhism podcast from this guy that Lindsay Crouse recommended that I listen to- Lama Marut.
Check him out, the guy makes a lot of sense.
also sign up for the upcoming Summer Retreat, here are our interviews talking about the upcoming 2011 Summer Retreat-

For More Info-
For more info-


By the way I totally blew it.

Diana Perez, a super nice reporter from WBZ called this morning and wanted to talk about the story. I explained to her how it was a joke and suggested she go and speak with Tuffy about it. but I totally blew a tremendous opportunity to create a brilliant masterpiece.

It would have been great if we had Tuffy dressed in a Buddhist robe and have incense burning at his house when she came to interview him. He could have pushed back the beaded entryway, invited her in and explain about his new-found enlightenment and then ask her if she would like to practice some of the stuff in the Kama Sutra.

Kama Sutra

Dammnit, I’m losing my touch. It must have been the no doubt bad karma induced headache I’ve had all day which clouded my thinking.
Missed opportunities!

Anyway, seriously I highly highly suggest anyone to listen to some of the teachings of Lama Marut. the guy is a real like lama but he speaks to you using western Principles. The dude is seriously brilliant.
Happy Day! Namaste!

Beastie, the Sea Serpent of Gloucester Thursday August 11th

The Ethnic Arts Center will perform two showings of "Beastie, the Sea Serpent of Gloucester" Puppet Show on Thursday, August 11, 2011 at the Children’s Area of the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market in  Stage Fort Park, Gloucester.

The first performance will be at 4:00 pm, to be followed by a repeat performance at 4:30 pm.  This participatory Puppet Show is an historical interpretation of the events surrounding the sightings of Gloucester’s legendary sea serpent, and includes a happy ending, heretofore undiscovered.

This Puppet Show will include singing of the Beastie song, all 15 verses plus Chorus,

accompanied by a live musician, as the Puppet Show is performed. Attending children are invited to manipulate many of the props in the pantomime. Prior to the show, from 3:30 to 4:00 pm,  children will learn the lyrics and practice prop manipulation for the show.  

This production was funded in part by the Gloucester Cultural Council’s LCC grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Admission is free.

You Know That Killer New Apartment Being Constructed Across From the Lone Gull? Manny Takes You For A Slide Show Tour

Incredible Gloucester harbor views from way up high.
North Shore Builders invited our Manny Up To get a progress report-
Interior stud progress and great views from the Roof Deck.

Click on Photo for slideshow.