Scout Vintage Finds

Continuing my series on second-hand stores in Gloucester after a brief hiatus, today we look at Scout Vintage Finds (186 East Main St., open Thurs-Sun 11am-6pm)!

_Scout façadeThis is a store I’d driven past many times, but never stopped to see. I’m glad I did now!  Karen King, the proprietor, sells a little bit of everything in the area of “vintage items”, but also specializes somewhat in vintage textiles, and millinery (making hats)!

_Scout owner Karen King

Here are photos of some of the things she sells, from vintage items and linens (and things made out of vintage linens) to hats that Karen has made:

Karen and her intern are also very nice folks, who gave me a glass of cold water (it was a hot and humid day when I visited) and chatted for a while, and told me of ANOTHER antique store I didn’t know about! (coming soon in this series).

So, just to review, here are the previous posts in this series on second-hand stores (thrift, consignment, antique, etc.) in alphabetical order:

  1. Bananas
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We still have more to go (in no particular order):

  1. Annisquam Exchange
  2. St. Vincent de Paul Society
  3. Thrift Shop at the UU Society of Rockport
  4. Sea Again
  5. Mary Rose Vintage Design
  6. Kalypso’s Gifts and Antiques
  7. Vintage
  8. StudioVo

Look at that! Did you realize that we have 23 second-hand stores in Gloucester and Rockport? If I had known there were that many, I probably wouldn’t have committed to this long-running series, which is taking a lot of time to put together… but I think it’s worth it! I am hoping to put out a table with the names, addresses, hours, and web pages of all of the stores, and maybe a brief comment on what each one generally stocks.

Let me know if I’m missing anyone…

Matthew Green

Alice Gardner Discovers Scout Vintage Finds On East Main

As I was driving home from the Rocky Neck Cultural Center where we had the Cape Ann Painter and Photographer Group this morning, I noticed a woman putting out a sign on the sidewalk which said "Hand Made Hats." I stopped to investigate and met owner Karen King of" Scout Vintage Finds." She makes amazing hats from special imported felt and uses beautiful antique hat forms to shape the hats -all one of a kind. They are amazing.  Her friend Shana who dropped in agreed to model a few hats! She also has a lot of interesting antiiques. Karen said that her shop is open Thursday – Monday. .. a must see shop! 186 East Main Street, Gloucester.  978-290-05533    Alice Gardner

Check out Scout On Twitter- @ScoutFinds


Saturday Night Report: Art at Scout Vintage Finds & I Loved the Block Party

Before heading over to Gloucester’s Block Party on Saturday night, I stopped in at Scout Vintage Finds at 186 East Main Street, across from Beacon Marine for a Photography Reception. Karen “Scout” King, the shop’s proprietess, hosts a rotating art show every month during the summer.  For July the visiting artist is a young photographer named Alex Knudsen. The photographs he is showing at Scout manage to be Americana without the kitsch. I especially loved a wistful photograph of a mint green 1950s bedroom which felt like it has been vacant in every sense for a long time. Be sure to stop by and see his work and Karen’s store soon, as the show is up through the end of July. For more info go to

And another thing…the Block Party was a whole lot of fun. A HUGE thank you to the people who pull this together, as there was truly something for everyone and just a great atmosphere of fun. There was an amazing variety of great music and food, and lots of kids’ activities. The only problem we had was finding simple street food (I hate to admit it, but I was looking for something straightforward like hot dogs), as we weren’t about to attempt  a sit-down dinner, foisting our children on the rest of the dining public. The pizza slices were sold out, which is a great problem to have. Then we came across Markouk Bread, which has some delicious, fresh options. The hummus with onion, tomato and mint leaves? Wow. Check them out at the Cape Ann Farmers’ Market and online By the way, Markouk Bread will be coming to Rockport in the Fall for our annual HarvestFest. I’m already planning to take a hummus break at the festival (yes, I plan ahead).

Thanks Block Party organizers, for a great evening out!

Mornin Coffee Klatch At Scout Vintage Finds- 186 East Main St

check out ScoutVintage here-

Pics using @SunshineWalks Pentax Camera

Our Sarah Kelly @therovinghome


Karen aka “Scout” @ScoutFinds


Karen’s killer raspberry lemon muffins-


and here’s one from my camera-


New Shops Part 1: Scout Vintage Finds in East Gloucester

Discovered on one of my recent scouting trips around Cape Ann: a new shop, appropriately named Scout Vintage Finds. The shop is small in size but generous in spirit, with enough interesting vintage pottery, sewing notions, small furniture, lighting and more to make you wreck your car as you drive past, craning your neck trying to see all the stuff inside before you find a parking space. The shop is located at 186 East Gloucester, just across and up the street from the North Shore Arts Association as you head toward the turn to Rocky Neck. The owner of this new venture is Karen King, seamstress, milliner and expert in all things vintage. She sews beautiful lavender sachets out of vintage linens for the shop, and when you stop by the shop to see the goods she has in stock, be sure to ask about her collection of hats — no, not hats she finds at estate sales — these are hats she makes. Scout Vintage Finds is an unusual and unusually perfect addition to East Gloucester.

Stay in touch with Scout Vintage Finds through the store’s facebook page and on twitter (@scoutfinds).

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