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Blue Lobster Landed In Gloucester By The Lobster Boat The Connemara Bay and Headed To The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center

Kevin O’Maley and his crew swung by the dock with a Blue Lobster that they caught just off the Breakwater when lobstering yesterday.  being the stand-up men they are they will be bringing it to The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center so that the community can enjoy checking it out.

Kevin and the boys also charter their boat for full or half day fishing trips.   You can find them online at

look for the video tomorrow

Go to the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center to check it out. info here-

Thank You Kevin and crew for bringing the lobster to us to share with our readers.

GMG Baby- you saw it first!


Gear Joey Loves- The Sony MDR-V6 Headphones

I can understand why portable earbuds are popular, because you can stick ‘em in your pocket and carry them every where you go.  I use them for travel but it doesn’t take too long for them to really irritate my ears.  They are uncomfortable, sound tinny as hell and the wires seem like they always become a tangled mess.

Do you remember back in the early eighties when they made real headphones?  The ones with the nice soft cushy ear pieces that slipped over your ear and delivered that high fidelity music to your ears?  Well there are a classic set of headphones that Sony still makes and they are currently on sale.  Normally they go for around $109 but right now they are on sale on amazon for $64.99 with free shipping.

When I tell you that for $64.99 you will rediscover the way music was supposed to be listened to the price seems negligible.

You can order them here

Here are some of the reviews from audiophiles-

111 of 118 people found the following review helpful.
5My favorite headphones
By M. Chabot
The Sony MDR-V6s were the first really good headphones I owned. After about 15 years of use, the foam padding was a bit run down. After doing the exhaustive search for the best headphones, I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD580s (I also own Etymotic ER-4Ps). Comparing the HD580 to my MDR-V6s, I would say that the MDR-V6s are better for two reasons. 1. The MDR-V6s are more comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and 2. The MDR-V6s have a telephone-like cord, which is easier to deal with than the straight HD580 cord. The sound quality was very good on both headphones, and about equal. I ended up buying new foam pads for my 15-year-old MDR-V6s, which made them feel like brand new headphones. I also bought a second pair of MDR-V6s, and shelved the HD580s for now.

Do not buy the MDR-600s by mistake. I have never used them, but I have read numerous reviews that state that the MDR-600s are inferior to the MDR-V6s. You can still buy the MDR-V6s, but they are harder to find. I bought mine at millionbuy because Amazon did not have them in stock. For some reason, the MDR-V6 product name at Amazon magically changed to MDR-600, even though it is an entirely different product. I am not sure why this happened.

121 of 130 people found the following review helpful.
5A Classic
By Bruce Caines
I can’t recall how long I’ve owned my MDR-V6 phones, but it’s easily been ten years. The sound is excellent, virtually uncolored, and unlike other top of the line headphones like Sennheiser’s (which are VERY nice and well over $150.00) these sound as good used with a portable CD player as with a well powered home system.

It was time to replace them since the cord is finally shorting too much to ignore any longer and my ears are always covered with black stuff and foam from the disintergrating earcups. I asked around and a colleague who is the audio technician on a popular TV show told me without hesitation, these are the ones to buy. It’s what he uses on the set and at home. I’m glad Sony still makes ’em. Maybe I should buy another pair for ten years down the road…


Did You Know? (No Frozen Fishcakes Here)

That it’s not frozen processed fishcakes or lobster rolls with jalapenos (although there are definitely some hots in there), but strictly the real Gloucester’s Finest Kind?  The 2012 Gloucester’s Finest Kind calendar presents 12 of Gloucester’s working and one retired gillnetter, dragger and lobster boats and their crews as they really are – hardworking, hardy, fun loving, good looking men (and one lovely young woman) who make their livelihood from the sea, provide us with fresh fish and lobsters (whether previously liberated by Buddhist monks or not), and are part of that beautiful industry that made Gloucester great.  January features the crew of the Degelyse, and Captain Tuffy with two large unliberated lobsters.  Zach Jewell on the Lady J so naturally struck the perfect pose and was just too cute not to be on the cover.

The historic and beautiful small commercial fishing industry is in decline, drowning in the myriad state and federal regulations governing the industry.  A portion of the proceeds of this calendar will go to the Northeast Seafood Coalition, a 501(c)(6) organization dedicated to working with government regulators and environmental concerns to preserve the long-term health of fishery resources, fishing communities and the fishing industry.  The calendar will be available at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck, or if you are out of area, you can order your’s at  Celebrate Gloucester’s beautiful industry every day of 2012, and be a part of the solution. 

E.J. Lefavour

Skeptics in the Pub August 16th At Dog Bar

Cape Ann Skeptics in the Pub will meet August 16th. The program will be “A Skeptical Look at  Economics

image – What to make of all the conflicting theories being espoused today?” In this presentation, Mark Warhol will present an uncommonly commonsensical guide to the follies of economics. His talk is based on the work of Ha-Joon Chang, professor of economics at the University of Cambridge, England.

The meeting will be held at the Dog Bar, 65 Main St., Gloucester. As usual, we will gather at 6:00 to meet each other and order dinner and drinks. The program will begin at 6:45.

We hope to see you there. What better time to look skeptically at economics?

Did You Know? (Joey C. Is Down With Buddha)

Photo by E.J.

That Joey C. is down with Buddha?  In case you can’t read his t-shirt, it says: “Buddha is my Homeboy”. He had it made at Palazolas Sporting Goods and he tells me that the people at Palazolas had the lettering done in 15 minutes. Now that is service you won’t find at a chain store. 

E.J. Lefavour

As If You Needed Another Reason to Strictly Buy Your Seafood Direct From the Shores of Gloucester

I was gonna go on a long rant after reading this but with my Bhuddhism and all the kinder and gentler Joey will just pass this along for your amusement.

Thank you to the dozen or so of you who have forwarded me this story from the New York Times about the guy in the Upper West Side of New York who has been selling freshwater crawfish meat as lobster for at least 15 years (I guess New Yorkers wouldn’t know the difference anyway)

Lobster Salad, but a Key Ingredient Was Missing

Only the name has changed. The ingredients remain the same: wild freshwater crawfish, mayonnaise, celery, salt and sugar.

For at least 15 years, Zabar’s, the Upper West Side grocery with the big crowds and even bigger prices, sold that as lobster salad — thousands and thousands of pounds of it, by itself in a plastic tub or on a bagel or a roll. Apparently no one noticed.

Then Doug MacCash, a reporter from The Times-Picayune of New Orleans, stopped at Zabar’s while vacationing in Manhattan last month.

“Lobster salad on a bagel: Why not?” he wrote on Aug. 1 on the newspaper’s Web site. “It was delicious, but the pink/orange tails seemed somehow familiar.”

He checked the label. “Wild fresh water crayfish?” he wrote. “Really? At $16.95 per pound?” He photographed the label, just to be sure.

Mr. MacCash had discovered a fact of New York culinary life that New Yorkers had not: There was no lobster in the lobster salad at Zabar’s.

click here for the rest of the Story at the New York Times website

Hey New Yorkers, for future reference:

Seafood For Dummies:image

This is a lobster-

This is a crayfish-

from wikipedia

File:Procambarus clarkii top.jpg

This is a steroid user-


Artists in the Sargent House Museum Garden Today

Joey: I will be one of two (due to rain last Sunday) featured artists in the garden of the Sargent House Museum, this Sunday, August 14, from 12-4PM. I hope that you are able to post this event. Your blog is valuable publicity for so many people, especially artists!

We are:

Dorothy Englander, who will be drawing and painting in watercolor and ink


and Mary McCarl, who will be working in watercolor.


We will have works available to purchase. This event is part of a celebration of "Contemporary Artists at Historic Sites." Sargent House Director Kate Laurel Burgess-Mac Intosh conceived of this collaboration of the old and the new. It is a special opportunity for visitors to observe contemporary artists at work in a historic setting. The museum is located at 49 Middle Street, where it can be entered; the garden and the museum are accessible through the wrought iron gate on Main Street as well (next to La Trattoria).

We look forward to the weather cooperating, and to seeing many people there to see our artwork and to visit the museum.

Thank you,

Dorothy Englander