New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Lobster Tagging Project

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department in cooperation with the University of New Hampshire is in the process of trying to identify areas in New Hampshire state waters with aggregations of large reproductive female lobsters and track their movements.  Though we’ll be looking a variety of other information from this study, this is the major objective.  We’ll also be tagging smaller females and possibly some males so that we can compare their movements with the larger animals and identify if they’re undertaking seasonal migrations.

We hope to tag a total of 2400 lobsters by November of 2013.  Thus far (November 2012) we’ve tagged 700 lobsters and lobstermen have provided recapture information on approximately 100 lobsters.  We really want to spread the word so that fishermen will call us and report tagged lobsters.  This information will give us a better understanding of the movements associated with lobsters in the Gulf of Maine.  As an incentive for lobstermen to report tagged lobsters there will be a raffle held at the end of 2012, 2013 and 2014, three names will be chosen each year and winners of the raffle will be given a 50 dollar gift certificate to New England Marine Industrial or a Grunden’s  hooded sweatshirt.

Though we’re also very interested in finer scale movements within the State, perhaps our most interesting tag returns have come from other states.  We’ve had two lobsters that were caught near Portland Maine and had moved over thirty miles.  We’ve also had a few reports from fishermen in the Gloucester that have caught tagged lobsters in their traps.  Below you’ll find a Google Map showing the movement of a lobster that was tagged on 9/21/2012 near the Isles of Shoals and was recaptured on 11/12/2012 near Gloucester, it was estimated that this lobster moved approximately 22 miles.

If you catch a tagged lobster, we’re interested in the following information:

Date of Capture:
Latitude (Loran is fine):
Did Lobster have eggs:
New Shell or Old Shell:

Please Call New Hampshire Fish and Game at 603-868-1095 and ask for
Joshua Carloni or just e-mail me at 

Thanks for all your help!


Rockport School Garden Project


Lisa Vincent writes-

Hi Joey,
I know you have been showing what’s in Jenna’s garden. And I have really been inspired.
Did you know that the Rockport Elementary School grew their first vegetable garden? I made a blog post about it couple of weeks back. Here’s the link:

My How the Garden Has Grown!

Video Matt Billy Installing 1979 Sabb G in Danish Double-Ender Project in Gloucester, MA

Matt Billy Writes-

Video of me lifting my Sabb G into my Danish double-ended cutter project, Jette. I live on the island called Cape Ann and I am building this boat in the town of East Gloucester, Massachusetts. I have been building boats for 15 years.

Abby Ytzen Presents Her Grant Winning seARTS Partner With An Artist Project At Captain Joe’s

seARTS Partner With an Artist 2011 Kicks Off!
seARTS kicks off it signature artists grant program, Partner With an Artist 2011, with a discussion and preview of grant-winning artists’ new work created with business and community partners.
When: Tuesday, May 3 6:30 – 8:30pm
Where: Cape Ann Museum, Folly Cove Auditorium
Artists and partners:
Susan Erony, mixed media; Gloucester Writers Center and Ten Pound Books
Elizabeth Harty, painting; Rockport Council on Aging
Kristen Miller & Rob Newton, film with original music; The Annie and Alchemy Cafe
John Tagiuiri, photography; Gloucester Marine Railways
Abby Ytzen, graphic art; Capt. Joe & Sons Lobster, and others
Moderator: Sarah Slifer
Note: All projects will be on public display May 14 and 21.