Lunenburg International Dory Race Results from Erik Dombrowski

The results are in!!!!

After a long drive to Lunenburg, NS the competitors and fans of the International Dory Racing Committee enjoyed a great day of racing last Saturday, August 27th.  The day began with bright sunshine and little wind as the junior tandem of LJ Robertson and Randy Parisi cruised to victory with a powerful stroke and a perfect course.  Next, the women’s crew of Heather Fraelick and Karen Conant (fitness women from Crossfit in Gloucester) after only a few rows battled through the ½ mile course but came up a little short against a much more experienced Canadian crew.  In the mixed doubles event, the infamous Jimmy T. with his new partner Linnea Williams rowed stroke for stroke with a Canadian husband and wife team but were edged out just at the finish.  Now, with the wind picking up considerably as the day went on, Mike Harmon and John Scola took on legendary Walter Nickerson with his partner Danny Moody.  Walter and Danny took a lead at the start but Harmon and Scola battled back closing at the turn. In the end, the Canadians took full advantage of their experience in Lunenburg harbor compensating for the wind and pulled out the victory.  After an early victory and 3 straight losses, it was up to the tandem of Erik Dombrowski and Glenn Harrington to quiet the exuberant 200+ Canadian fans celebrating on the docks and boats of Lunenburg harbor.  And, that’s exactly what they did!  After a couple false starts in the excessive wind, the Americans got an early lead in the mile course and powered home to victory.

The day was capped off by an awards ceremony with our Canadian friends where Senator Bruce Tarr delivered an amazing speech reminding all of us how important this event and the 59 year tradition are to the people of Gloucester, Nova Scotia, the US and Canada.

Official times of the races were:
Randy Parisi & LJ Robertson (U.S) – 6:22.88
Stefan Nickerson & Joshua Atwood (Can) – 6:34.70

Gladys Collicutt & Patianne Verburgh (Can) – 6:50.68
Heather Fraelick & Karen Contant (U.S) – 7:07.31

Over 40’s:
Walter Nickerson & Danny Moody (Can) – 6:25.58
Mike Harmon & John Scola (U.S) – 6:33.50

Cara Ross & Gary Sears (Can) – 6:48.34
Jimmy Tarantino & Linnea Williams (U.S) – 6:50.23

Erik Dombrowski & Glenn Harrington (U.S) – 10:52.05
Kenny MacDonald & Tim Mair (Can) – 11:04.26

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