Gone, But Not Forgotten

Who remembers this Cape Ann waterfront hotel? Not an easy one. Clues tomorrow if no one nails it.
Who remembers this Cape Ann waterfront hotel? Not an easy one. Clues tomorrow if no one nails it.

31 thoughts on “Gone, But Not Forgotten

  1. Ooh. This is waaaaay before my time. But I’m following up to see just where. Looks beautiful. I’m assuming this being GMG, it’s probably not Rockport right? Actually now that I think of it, looks like east main(?) and Grapevine.


  2. Not the Rockaway…that was on Rocky Neck…do you give partial credit for the color of the Inn? It was green and white…yes, near Grapevine…also had a pier stretching into the cove that outlasted the structure…lost to a fire as I recall.


  3. Across from Grapevine Road…I remember going to a “Wedding there” in the late 50’s- it was destroyed by a fire….Not far from Niles Beach area… Is it the Thorwald?? or was that on Beach Road??? If I only had a memory !!!


  4. To put your inquisitive minds to rest: This is the Delphine Hotel on Eastern Point Road, affectionately called the “Deli.” Photo probably taken from Grapevine Road. What a long porch, and that looks like a tennis court on the right.


  5. That was a good one! I went through all the hotels I could remember. I remember the Moreland and Thorwald well ~ my mother sent me out for cigarettes every day ~ I had the choice to walk to the Moreland or the Thorwald ~ I loved the walk either way. I don’t ever remember the Delphine Hotel. What was the timeframe? Did it burn as the Moreland? My grandfather was on the grand jury for the burning of the Moreland. I think I still have the newspaper clipping.


  6. Was it where the Ocean View is now, on Atlantic Road .? . not the Thorwald, that was close to Good Harbor Beach. And much larger .


  7. Looks like it is gone and forgotten, since no one seems to remember it. Beautiful old place. Why is it that so many of the grand old hotels on Cape Ann seem to have burned down?


    1. cast iron stoves filled with coal. That might not explain the hotels that closed for the winter. Probably the main reason why hoses burn today Fire Marshall report ends with: “Improperly disposed of smoking materials”. Translate that to person sleeping or reading in bed sipping a whiskey and smoking a cigarette, cigar, or pipe.

      From an Oregon website:

      Did You Know?
      Smoking is a leading cause of residential fire deaths in Oregon, even though 83% of Oregonians do not smoke.*
      One out of every five deaths caused by cigarette fires involves smoking while using medical oxygen.*
      Seventy-two percent (72%) of cigarette fires on home properties began outside from improperly disposed of smoking materials.*
      One-in-four people killed in home fires is not the smoker whose cigarette caused the fire.**
      More than one-third were children of the smokers.
      Twenty-five percent were neighbors or friends of the smokers.


  8. Most of them burned on cold windy nights in the winter, The suspected cause, never proven, was insurance. No loss of life either, to my knowledge.


      1. I don’t know if the Delphine burned or was torn down. the neighboring Harbor View Hotel, with the long pier, was torn down. To my knowledge, seasonal hotels in those days were locked up and there was no watchman overnight, and no pot bellied stove or logs in the fireplace.


  9. The Delphine was a bit seedy, but had a popular bar in the basement. After my brother, GD Times reporter Bob Brigham married in 1958, we all trooped down to the Delphine for drinks – only to find that it was gone, reportedly burned down.


  10. Chet Brigham, was your brother Bob the same Robert Brigham who later worked for Life Magazine? If so, he wrote an article on my hometown of Bluffton IN 7 April 1962, and I trying to find a photo of him. There is a “mystery photobomber” who appears in many photos by photographer Robert Kelley or Francis Miller who is not a local – we’re guessing it could be the author of the article, Robert Brigham, who was from Gloucester. All help would be appreciate – if you’re willing to give me your email privately, I will send you the photos. Thanks –


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