Picture of Santo Militello Aboard His Dragger The Maureen

Santo offloaded fish with our grandfather, our fathers and after our father’s retired Frankie and I here at our dock.  He loved to fish, loved his family and loved his garden.  As classy of a man as you’ll ever find.


The image was sent to my by Sue Muise who apparently found it on Nathan Benn’s


It is part of a series of photos you can see aboard the Maureen by clicking here

Fiesta Faces – Last Night’s Novena

Even with the rain, the former Doyon’s was packed. Father Garaboldi and Father Harrison greeted the participants, young and elderly. Greg Cook’s new baby is adorable. Santo Militello looks healthy and tanned. Tony Testaverde told me about his new Fiesta walking stick that he wants photos of on Friday.

Although the walk from St. Peter’s Square to the end of Beach Ct. was wet, several people followed the statue through the streets to hear Father Garaboldi pray for the fishermen lost this year.

Now we need to pray for sunshine and good weather for the rest of Fiesta!

A Taste of Summer

It’s only 3 months away. Once this snow melts, we’ll be able to believe that summer will actually come again with the Red Sox, ice cream at the Cupboard after supper, walks on Good Harbor, and of course, FIESTA! Here’s a little teaser of good things to come! Enjoy!

Santo Militello and grandaughter Marissa
Santo Militello and grandaughter Marissa