Rockport Residents Only- Adam Bolonsky Submits


Really now?

From the Mass Office of Coastal Zone Management-

Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management


Cogswell Farm Landing Rocky shore accessed by public footpath. Limited street parking.

From The Rockport Open Space Report 2009-2014

Access to the ocean south of the center of Rockport is available along a chain of beaches, coves, and rocky ledges. Public footpaths lead in from the road to Emerson Point, Flat Rock Point, Steep Bank Landing, and Cogswell Farm Landing. There is limited parking at Long Beach, Cape Hedge Beach, Pebble Beach, and Loblolly Cove, but all these areas attract walkers as well as large numbers of swimmers, divers, surfers,  fishermen, bird watchers, and picnickers year-round.

9 thoughts on “Rockport Residents Only- Adam Bolonsky Submits

  1. I used to fish and walk the shore in all of those areas and many more on Cape Ann up intil I moved away in 1960. It’s really a shame that the public is denied much of that access today. Unfortunately, the is the case of much former puclic access in other areas too. All to few states or communities have preserved access for the public. I am fortunate to live in an area of Florida where all of Brevard County’s ocean beaches are public and have adequate parking or the public and that is very unusual.


  2. I think I know what Rockport was up to. This is a favored area for of out-of-town surfcasting striper fishermen who regularly trash the place with soda cans, empty bait boxes, fishing line and plastic bags.

    I think the sign is one of those wink-winks meant to keep away guys who trash where they don’t live.

    BTW, these are the rocks where, sadly, a surfcaster striper fisherman drowned last month.


  3. I trespassed there two years ago. What a beautiful “tucked away “spot. The footpath ends at a gorgeous sandy beach, with rocks on either side. I made a mental note to go there and spend the day relaxing sometime. On the walk back to the road, neighbors waved and said hi.


  4. That may be the reason but, folks are too quick to blame the surfcasting fishermen for trashing a place when often it is kids or others not fishing. The fact remains that that area has been a surf fishing area since back in my dad’s day – pre WW-II. Of course it’s much easier to make it impossible to access it than it is to have the local cops police it and arrest those who trash it-fishermen or others. Cape Ann is a tourist area and many surf fishermen visit it and spend money locally for food, gas, lodging, tackle, etc.


  5. We’re regular Rockport visitors. I certainly understand that it isn’t possible to provide parking for everybody. But we walk and jog. We don’t really tax the infrastructure. We bring our money to town. But still, I’m not allowed to use the path? It seems quite ungracious to me. I’d speculate that some of the pressure to restrict access comes from certain adjoining property owners who prefer to keep others out of their ocean view. Well, even on the completely public paths I’m often alone. It’s not like there are crowds out there. Come on folks, share the wealth, just a little, with those of us who can’t afford an oceanfront home. I’ll reciprocate. When you visit Kansas City, I’ll gladly let you walk through my back yard. Front yard, even.


  6. The whole notion of people not sharing bums me out big time. Forget the wink, wink, if you know whats up you get to use it mentality. That is elitist, exclusionary, judgemental and not very friendly. The bottom line is we’re all one family. We’re all living on mother earth together. I for one believe private ownership of mother earth if for fear based ego’s. Buff up people, we’re all in this together. Share. Give. Love.



  7. Agreed. Got to share everything. We need fewer boundaries, less exclusionary language, signage, money, countries. We’re all on the same planet, using the same air, water, space. The more we hold on and become attached, the less we actually have.


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