Treasured Audio- Cigar Joe Frontiero Talks About Fishing Out Of Gloucester MA In The Early Part Of The 20th Century Part III

Good Morning Gloucester  Exclusive


Cigar Joe Frontiero born in 1898 these tapes were recorded in 1981 when he was 83 years old.

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The family of Cigar Joe Frontiero brings Good Morning Gloucester these treasured recordings of Fishing out of Gloucester MA in the early part of the century.  I’m happy that the family entrusted GMG with these priceless recordings and am proud to be able to have the platform in which we can archive and share with the community.

Thank you to the family of Cigar Joe Frontiero


The history behind the tapes: Someone had asked Cigar Joe for an interview for an oral history project but Cigar Joe decided to do the recording himself. At the time he was having trouble with circulation in his legs and spent most of the time at home so he bought a tape recorder. He had trouble with the tape recorder and threw all of the tapes away. His mailman took the trashed tapes, spliced them, and made copies. He gave Cigar Joe copies and kept backups (with Cigar Joe’s consent) in case the originals were lost. This occurred in 1981.

Part IV will be released Sunday April 10th at 6PM

7 thoughts on “Treasured Audio- Cigar Joe Frontiero Talks About Fishing Out Of Gloucester MA In The Early Part Of The 20th Century Part III

  1. Great old photo of Cigar Joe’s trawler, with the original Fort Wharf Ice Company building, where Cape Pond Ice is today, in the background. Incidently, the Fort Wharf Ice Company is apparently where Clarence Birdseye first started researching his quick freeze techniques, before he moved up Commercial Street to the Birdseye building with the tower.


  2. Look just off to the left of the building in the background. Foreground of Eastern Point and the Breakwater. That is what I often refer to about the harbor. Not all that long ago, before the harbor cleanup, there were a large amount of those sunken vessels scattered about. Pirate’s Cove had a ton of them.


    1. The harbor pre urban renewal was a dream place for play. Vincents cove I still look for, though it’s memory will for ever be in between my ears. Wharf street schooners and the old tenement houses gone for ever, Guess I am old ? 58
      No more coves to leave a dying vessel to be discovered by youth.


  3. I was born to a Gloucester Italian Fisherman and his Finnish wife. breaking a code of the Italian family. I could write a book about how that was. It was not an accepted happening. DEAR God it was just not done. the Italian side didn`t take it well. my Finnish grandparents and family made up for it as they were the warmest of family.


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