The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 6


In this episode- GloucesterCast Listener Poll results, One Hour at A Time Gang Shout Out, St Joseph’s Novena Crawl, Gloucester Glacier, Harbor Porpoise and Common Dolphin, Kenny’s Real Estate Segment, Kenny’s Gloucester Pizza Map, Cow Poop, Tech Talk- iPad & iPad2

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Please leave comments or questions on which topics you would like to hear more about on The GloucesterCast or how we could improve.  Thanks for listening.

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The GloucesterCast Theme Song  Gloucester Til The End Music is from Earl and Arch- you can download it for free at GimmeSound here-

    3 thoughts on “The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 6

    1. Great episode! You guys were coining terms left and right. You started off with “Cividity” – what’s the intended definition? Next Joey coined the term “China Fetish” in reference to Kenny’s wife’s compulsion to read the stamp on the bottom of place settings when dining. The term that really made me lose it though was “Novena Crawl”. I was drinking coffee when Joey said it, and it took all of my will NOT to spit it out in laughter! You can’t write stuff like that!

      Also I hate to inform you Joe that all produce is fertilized with some form of manure, whether it be cow manure or worm manure, your veggies most likely came in contact with some form of it before it gets to your dinner plate! As a little side note, I thought you might find it interesting that when the Europeans arrived here, they documented that the native tribes used lobster as a form of fertilizer.


      1. It makes sense to use the lobster considering their diet!

        I use seaweed that washes up in the winter. I let it dry out til it’s nice and crunchy, then I run it over with the lawnmower to chop it up, and till it into the soil when the ground finally thaws. It’s a great soil conditioner and helps the soil keep the moisture. I stay away from the stuff that washes up in the summer because it’s always coated with oil and is full of plastic debris…


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