Beets! The Women of Chive Prepare Some Tasty Beets

Beets are available this time of year and this is a perfect way to use them to enhance your menu options. In this recipe and video the women of Chive (Chive Sustainable Event Design and Catering) prepare this easy, delicious and healthy silky, velvet beet puree that has a multitude of uses. The boiled beets are blended with some yogurt, olive oil, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper. Finish by adding chopped chives.

The puree is also excellent with meat such as turkey and pork.

Check out the video at The Gloucester Daily Times Taste of the Times-



GMG Tech Talk -Poll

In light of the new iPad newspaper “The Daily” which just launched and is charging for it’s content I wonder how many of you would ever consider paying for your local newspaper’s online content if they decided to do away with free content and went to a subscription based website.

Local newspapers cover news such as tax issues, zoning, and political races and if they didn’t exist where you would get that information?

I can tell you that even though many people tell me they check out GMG before they check out the GDT, we don’t come close to covering the important stories that keep politicians honest and I have no intention to ever try to.

God bless the remaining newspaper people that still labor to bring us the important stories even though they have to endure pay cuts and layoffs. Newspapers are vital to our way of life. I hope they can figure out a way to keep on keepin on.

Ground Hog Day!

Thanks to SOB

Sorry Frank, I mean FOB (Friend of Blog) and one of the GMG sticka makers Frank Ciolino texted me “Happy Groundhog Day” Today.

Wasn’t paying attention to the news today but I guess Puxatany Phil didn’t see his shadow today. That means it will be a early spring! That Fat  Pig better be right!  I can’t take this Winter no more! “No Mas”


Are You DTF? Then Sign Your Ass Up For The GMG/Farm Bar and Grille DTF Burger Challenge

You know Ed Collard is DTF. What about you? We have four slots open from the GMG side to represent. I’ll need your theme music as well. do you get it?

Location:Are You DTF? Then Sign Your Ass Up For The GMG/Farm Bar and Grille DTF Burger Challenge

Tonight ~ Fly Solo ~ Canceled

Hello everyone!
I really, really hate to say this, but…
while the bar is very much open…
So sorry for the yo-yo emails, but in
the interest of public safety… 

Wednesday, February 2nd
Special Musical Guest: NOBODY!

Michael & Ellen will still be there.  Please stop by for a drink
and say hello!  Again… so sorry.
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*I host and perform as always
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
*Comfort food dinner specials from Dave Trooper’s kitchen
*Sponsored by Shipyard Ale
Great fun!
Food is prepared fresh by “Troop” and is always good!
Fred features special discounted entrees with half-off
on a Shipyard every week!
Coming soon…
Catharine David; Chick & Ellen; Sasquatch; many more!
As always… 🙂 ~ Fly

Did You Know (Geese)

Series of photos of a flock of geese on the beach, taking flight, and flying away
Photos by E.J. Lefavour

That Canada geese usually start choosing mates and selecting a territory for nesting in late February to early March? The females start laying eggs anytime from mid-March to mid-May. Incubation by the female begins as soon as all her eggs are laid. The gander’s job during nesting season is to defend the female, their nesting territory, and eggs. If a person or another goose enters the territory, the gander will usually give a warning call to the intruder before chasing it away. Some geese can be highly aggressive and will only stop their attack when the intruder has left or the goose’s life is threatened.
Fortunately, these geese that I stumbled upon at Cambridge Beach were not mating or aggressive and decided to fly away. Keep this in mind as we reach the end of February going into March, and steer clear of geese that may be mating. I have been attacked by terns who were nesting on the abandoned piers next to the artist building in East Boston while trying to unlock the front door, and by gulls on an island when I unwittingly explored too close to their rookery. It can be painful and scary to have a bird intent on driving you away, and they will draw blood if you don’t move quick enough for their liking – a challenge if you’ve gotten yourself way out on the rocks before you realize you’re in the wrong place. That’s why Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds was such a great horror film – it was not far fetched.

E.J. Lefavour

Plant your Alpine Strawberries Today!

Plant your Alpine Strawberries Today! How do I know that? Because I follow Goose Cove Gardens on Facebook and that is what they are doing today. On this dreary day it is a good time to start thinking about spring. Last May 10th this is what Goose Cove Gardens looked like:

I’m so ready for spring.

Chickity Check It! Snow Birds From Kim Smith

Dear Gardening Friends,

As we are nestling in and readying ourselves for yet another snowstorm I am writing to you about the winsome Dark-eyed Junco that has become increasingly more prevalent in our winter garden. Dark-eyed Juncos are commonly referred to in the East as “snowbirds,’ not only because they arrive to their winter feeding grounds oftentimes at the first snow fall, but because of their distinctive coloring—gray skies above (top feathers) and snow below (breast and belly feathers). In a typical winter we see singular juncos at the Nyjer feeders and on the ground below, at the most, two to four. During this snowiest of winters, we have a larger than usual mixed-flock of small seed-eating songbirds, with many more juncos feeding alongside the finches, sparrows, nuthatches, and chickadees. Quite timorous of people and sudden noise, they dart in and out of the dense shrubbery surrounding our little garden, and seem to find the greatest security in the low-lying branches of the ‘Blue Prince’ holly bushes.

Click here for the rest of the post at Kim’s blog

Johnny McElhenny and Andrea Holbrook Represent! At Cape Ann Brewing


Johnny McElhenny also known as husband to ARIA (not her porn name) McElhenny and Andrea Holbrook- night editor at The Gloucester Daily Times enjoy some great conversation at the second Cape Ann media Meet-Up held at Cape Ann Brewing.

Food and Music ~ Two great subjects.

Every now and then I get to go to the Fort Square Cafe and this time was one of the best. They had the most delicious omelet on special there called the Idaho Omelet. Talk about tantalizing your taste buds. If I can remember, it has hash browns, bacon, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and scallions wrapped in three eggs. Now I have been told this is what a loaded potato tastes like and all of my life I have chosen not to have one. Mainly because of all the calorie intake with just one vegetable. I just had a taste of this omelet and the rest was brought home for later.The Fort Square Cafe (29 Commercial Street. Gloucester, Ma) has been taken over by a wonderful cook Heidi and she has a coworkers Rusty and Tony and sometimes Christa who use to own and operate the cafe. I have never ever had a breakfast there that I did not absolutely enjoy.
Heidi has to be one of the best cooks around she is very particular and creative. There is something way different in  how she delivers the goods.
During this visit I had the pleasure of meeting Henry Allen  who is very personable and has taken over the Blackburn Theater  (2 Main Street, Gloucester, Ma) Plus he has a band Henry Allen and the New Swingset. Great name for a band. Listen to some of his music. I wonder if you will think the same of who he reminds me of. Very smooth soothing voice. While talking with Henry you could see the light in his eyes and feel the  love for the art. I am so happy that I happened to hear him share the love with others and then with me.

This is another time that I regret not having any kind of camera in my possession.

I went back after  hours and took these with my cell phone.

Google Gets into Art

Google touts “game changer” in online art viewing


Google’s Art Project website is seen on a laptop computer during its launch at the Tate Britain gallery in London February 1, 2011. Google aims to bring the world’s great art galleries into the home with a new website that offers virtual tours, the ability to build a private collection of masterpieces and ultra-high resolution images. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

On Tuesday February 1, 2011, 9:28 am EST

By Mike Collett-White

LONDON (Reuters) – Google aims to bring the world’s great art galleries into the home with a new website that offers virtual tours using Street View technology, the ability to build private collections and ultra-high resolution images.

While most big galleries have been busy making their works accessible online for years, experts told a launch at London’s Tate Britain gallery on Tuesday that Google’s site was looking to take the online art experience to a new level.

“It could be the game changer,” said Julian Raby of the Freer Gallery of Art, part of the Smithsonian in Washington DC, which is one of 17 galleries taking part in the project.

Check Out The Rest Of The Article Here