Patti Keenan- Proud New Owner of the Latest Art Rock!

Patty Writes-

Dear Mr. Frontiero, aka "Paulie Walnuts"

I found the rock at the paint factory today at 2:15 pm.  I’m still in shock.  I never thought it would still be there at this hour. I have tried so many times and end up looking at an empty hole in the ground.  I can’t express to you how happy you made today.   And bless you for not making me climb that fence.  Nobody needs to see that. I feel like a know you from GMG.  All of you cub reporters are  just great.  Informative, Funny, Historical, and Creative.  You all make me feel incredibly inadequate, but in a good way.  Please do not stop participating on that site.  You are an important and necessary ingredient in that recipe.  I enjoy  looking forward to it every day, You are so talented and I appreciate your gift of art combined with  treasure hunting so much.  I feel like I am part of a very elite group now.  Thank You for taking the time to do the art rocks, and the video with the ringleader, Joey.  I truly have a piece of Gloucester now. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please just ask.

So Very Sincerely, Patti Keenan

Low Tide Sandbar Stollers

Photos by E.J. Lefavour

I’m sure other people observed the exceptionally low and high tides we had this week around the full moon.  On Friday, when the weather was so balmy and the tide so low, the sandbar was exposed from Wingaersheek Beach out into the bay and many people and homies enjoyed it.   The last one almost looks like he’s walking on the water.

E.J. Lefavour

Alchemy News


Dear Joey,

There’s nothing that says "weekend" like a relaxing brunch. The only thing better is if someone else cooks it! At Alchemy we are cooking up a savory brunch that can be enjoyed while relaxing on our couches and armchairs while reading the paper or listening to bluegrass music. In fact our Bluegrass Sunday brunch has become so popular that we’ve added a Saturday Celtic brunch 11-2. We think we have the best tasting brunch around, we know we have the best sounding one.  … and we have a full bar license and no lines!  Brunch starts at 10:30, the music goes on at 11.

Lots of people are calling themselves "foodies" these days. Lots of people think they have to go to Boston for serious culinary adventure. Not anymore. Check out our monthly "Foodie Nights."

We hope to see you soon,


An invitation from Alchemy’s owner, Mark McDonough…

Foodie Nights at Alchemy

Have you ever wished for a monthly dinner party where our local foodies pull out all the stops for a fabulous night of food and drink? I have. My chefs have. Every now and then they need to spread their culinary wings and create food beyond the standard fare – even if it is as wonderful as Alchemy fare.

So we’re going to start our own foodie dinner party on the first Monday of every month in the back room of Alchemy. We’ll create a five course tasting menu with about seven different wine and beer pairings. It’s a tasting dinner so three of the courses will have three items each – three apps, three entrees and three desserts.

We did a test run of this tasting dinner for the North Shore food bloggers in January. Here are their glowing reports:

From GDT columnist Heather Atwood


From Gringo Chapin


The cost is $50 for the dinner and $3 for each beverage you choose from our flight of mini-glasses chosen to pair with each course.  This is truly a "first come, first served" event. The first 14 people to secure a $50 prepaid reservation will have a spot at the table. 

To make your reservation for Mar 7 at 6PM, please call Alchemy 978-281-3997 and indicate if you want to be seated at the family style table or the individual servings table.  We’ll do our best to accommodate your preference.

Please send this on to all your foodie friends. We need your help to create a monthly dinner party for North Shore foodies.

There is a New Brunch in Town

Celtic Brunch 

Saturdays from 11-2 with Emerald Rae, Seán Connor and Friends

Emerald and Sean are award winning fiddle players who play all over the world and just happen to live in Gloucester.  Emerald is also a world class teacher of Irish Step Dancing.She’ll even give an impromptu class in Irish Step Dancing if you ask.

Live Celtic Music Sessions are an informal gathering of musicians – there is no agenda and all are welcome.  The seisuin dates back to the early part of the 20th century in America and was a way for immigrants to get a taste of home. 


Free $5

Bring this coupon for $5 off lunch.
That’s your reward for reading to the end :))
One per table – not combinable with other offers.

Homeless Ruth Is DTF!!!!


The last time we caught up with Homeless Ruth she took us on a carriage ride through the beautiful streets of Rockport MA.

We met when hungry Ruth wandered in from the street to chow down and participate in the Rogue Burger Challenge at Passports two years ago.  Ruth stood toe to toe with Ed Collard and Big Lar in the second leg of the GMG Man vs Food Series at Passports but wasn’t up to the task of bringing down the big boys.   Wanting to vindicate herself, she has thrown her hat into the ring and will be (as of this writing) the sole female contestant for the Farm Bar and Grille DTF Burger Challenge.

I’m very excited to have Ruth participate.  Do not let her small frame fool you- she put away 3/4 of the competition in the Rogue Burger Challenge- She’s a competitor!



Hope to see you there!!!!!!