Did You Know (Spiritual Power)

Photo of Babson Boulder, Spiritual Power
Photo by E.J. Lefavour

That the grandest of the boulders that Roger Babson hired unemployed stonecutters to carve inspiring messages on is Spiritual Power? Babson knew, as do many people, that spiritual power resides in nature. A walk through the woods or along a deserted beach can calm even the most stressed or distraught person. In truth, spiritual power resides in everything, but it is when we can remove ourselves from the “issues” of life and be in the quiet, that answers can be found. It is often easiest to do this surrounded by the power and quiet of nature. Since coming here, many people have told me that Dogtown is a place to avoid, that bad things happen there, and people get lost in the woods. My sister and I got lost when we went on our trek, but we found our way back to the trail. Bad things can happen anywhere, but you don’t avoid the sea because people have drowned or been attacked by sharks there, or avoid the highway because people have been killed or injured in accidents there. Fear of something can ultimately be more dangerous than the thing we fear, because it cripples us and keeps us from experiencing the very thing that could set us free or provide the answers we seek. I could have heeded people’s warnings, made their fear my own, and not gone to Dogtown. I would have missed the magic of the place, finding and photographing the boulders, creating the Dogtown and Babson Boulders calendar, and being invited to give a talk at Babson College on Founder’s Day and have my photos included in their permanent art collection. Spiritual power exists all around us and is just waiting for us to listen to its still small voice.

E.J. Lefavour

City Of Gloucester Trash Collection Cancelled For Wednesday February 2

Due to the snow storm – city trash collection is canceled for Wednesday February 2, and will be on a holiday schedule for the rest of the week. Wednesday’s pick up will be Thursday, Thursday pick up will be on Friday and Friday’s pick up will be on Saturday

http://www.goodmorninggloucester.com Do you get it?

Fenway Park: Wally a [not a] No Show

[Breaking News Edit] Wally is not a no show. I just don’t know how to read. Wally is scheduled for the truck sendoff next Tuesday Feb 8. I will be there to interview the green thing then. I’ll leave the rest of the story as is.

Wally the Green Monster was supposed to wave the Red Sox truck off at noon today for its trip to Florida to signal the start of preparation for Spring training.  But crack meteorologist Dylan Dryer (seen here) updated the Channel 7 weather forecast:

A magnified view shows Fenway Park currently buried under the
“ga” of “Shit Load Again.” Wally decided to kick back at the Cask and Flagon to down a few Irish Coffees while your GMG Cub reporter flashed his Press Pass to the guard and made his way into Fenway Park:

As you can see, even if the green one had risked freezing his kibbles and bits there would be no way that Wally would have seen his shadow. That means that in twelve days the Red Sox pitchers and catchers report.

A last shot of Fenway. In a very short time Carl Crawford will be in this left field to ensure that no opponent hits will reach the turf while on the other side of the inning he sprays homeruns to all fields.

Warms me right up just thinking of it. Adrian Gonzalez at first. Youk at third, Pedroia at second, and since it is an odd year a scorching year for Beckett.

Capt. Doug Fifield Has Some nice Things To Say

Good morning Joey,

I just wanted to say that your sight is wonderful and the way you update it
so often with so much good, entertaining and relevant information is truly
amazing.  I hope to sometime contribute, but for now I am just enjoying it
very much.

Best regards,
Capt. Doug Fifield

Fly Amero ~This Saturday, February 5: Cafe Shalom

Hi Folks ~ Want you to know I’ll be at Cafe Shalom this coming Saturday, February 5.  New venue, should be lots ‘o fun.  Details below… ~ Fly 

Gloucester, MA – Temple Ahavat Achim, 33 Commercial St. in Gloucester, continues to bring back its popular coffeehouse, Café Shalom, on February 5, from 7:30 to 10:30 PM, with an evening of contemporary acoustic music including folk, blues, rhythm and blues and jazz. Café Shalom will serve hot beverages and snacks. All are welcome; there is no dress or age requirement and families are welcome.  Refreshments will be available.  Admission is $10 at the door, doors open at 7 PM.

Recording artist, Fly Amero will be the featured performer. Left-handed, upside-down guitarist/singer/journeyman Dennis “Fly” Amero finds his musical roots deep within the vast genres of the ’60’s pop revolution. Influences range from Bob Dylan to James Brown to Roy Orbison to Aretha Franklin… and just about everything in between. Fly finds himself onstage as a dynamic solo and frontman performer, and offstage as a writer and record producer.  Fly is currently touring as a member of Orleans and fronts the thrilling rock/blues act known as “The Big Strum”.

The opening act is David Wesson.  David is singer/songwriter Wesson and is the force behind bands The Emergence and The Dark Matters.  He infuses stripped down progressive rock with sounds of the sacred.  Though rooted in American rock forms, his music and lyrics are deeply spiritual and without irony.  Wesson has played at Harper’s Ferry, The Cylcorama at the Boston Center of the Arts, The Middle East, and The Grog.

Café Shalom offers evenings of music in a relaxed coffee house atmosphere with no dress or age requirement.
The doors open at 7, and music begins at 7:30, plenty of free parking.  Call the Temple at 978-281-0739 x11 with questions.

X-country skiing at Seine Field

Karen Pischke writes-

Hi Joey.

Thanks Joey for more great photos and events in Gloucester! 

I was sorry to have missed Jenny Dee! Can’t wait to catch them. Loving the artwork on GMG! Thanks to you I got in my vote in for SeaArts.

Here are some ideas for those wondering what to do this snowy winter. For once we don’t have to drive hours to ME or NH to x-country in great conditions!

X-Country at Seine Field.

Throughout most of the 20th century, landowners allowed seine fisherman to repair and dry their large fishing nets on this field, which gave this property its name. Today, as part of the Essex County Greenbelt it is one of  many great open spaces in Gloucester. Available for walking, snowshoeing or x-country skiing; great winter activities, all with the sound of crashing waves from Brace’s cove!